Alexandra's Page
I went round to a neighbour's the other day as he had offered to help me with my tax return. He's a typical accountant, nice enough but a bit on the dull side. Works all hours too, so it was no surprise to find when I got round there that he had been delayed. What was a surprise was how gorgeous his wife was!! She invited me in to wait and I was not going to pass up the chance of admiring her body and, hopefully, underwear so I accepted. She apologised for the fact that she was going to have to do some work herself as she had a very demanding PA post but she brought her laptop into the lounge so I didn't feel ignored. Wow, as soon as she sat down I felt my pulse increase as I caught a hint of stocking top up under the delightful if rather old fashioned pleated skirt she was wearing. She was working away and shifting her position on the low sofa and I had this dream sight of stocking clad leg with the attendant tops coming in and going out of sight.  She half turned to pick up a magazine from the floor to offer it to me and her knees came wide apart. Hell, her knickers looked so white and shiny. She saw me staring and seemed almost puzzled at what I was looking at, then realising, she made a great show of covering her legs up but she managed to give me an even better view right up her skirt. She looked back at the computer for a bit but didn't seem to be doing anything. She was obviously fighting that little devil and soon decided to let him win. She started by undoing her blouse and giving me an eyeful of bra, no hang on its a basque!! What happened after that I will let you see for yourselves but its not everyday you get a young beautiful woman telling you to lie on the floor while she stands over you!!!

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