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One has to say that these professional guys seem to know how to attract good looking women, be it as staff or Clients. Waiting to see my barrister (again!!) but at their offices this time I was lucky enough to have to share the waiting room with the most stunning woman. Striking was not really an adequate word and as I was later to find out her legs were designed in heaven! She was sitting on the sofa idly glancing through an old magazine. She was wearing a long wrap over skirt. I love that sort of skirt. One minute everything is hidden and you can only see an ankle and then they cross their legs and hey presto acres of leg on display! So it proved with this lady and very soon I knew that she was wearing fully fashioned seamed stockings! Not long after that I discovered she was wearing a lacy hemmed slip! And it was as she was examining her stockings and shoe that I discovered she had black lacy knickers on!! Oh, I love wrap over skirts!! I couldn't believe my luck when all this crossing and uncrossing of legs made a suspender pop and she raised her skirt to refasten it. Then bending forward to look at her shoe let me see down her cleavage which revealed a black bra. I have a suspicion that she had already spotted what I was doing as I noticed a small smile come to her lips but it didn't stop her putting her feet up on a stool and providing me with an uninterrupted view up her legs to her knickers. It was at this point she glared at me but I felt on reasonable firm ground and so it proved as a smirk soon replaced the frown and there followed a delightful guided tour of her underwear!!

Seymour's cry for help: This set of Alice is a first time effort of this lady in letting the little devil out for the camera. She needs lots of encouragement to do it again! Please help by dropping me a note and letting me know what you think of her. If you help I'm sure you will see lots more of her in the future.


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Alice and daughter

There are times when my friend, that little devil lurking inside every woman lets me down and this was one of them. Mind you I thought I had struck really lucky when I spotted Alice sitting on the sofa next to a young lady. They were idly flicking through a magazine together whilst waiting to be collected to go to some "do". It turned out that the young lady with Alice was actually her daughter so I suppose that I shouldn't of expected a mother to let her inhibitions go and show me a great deal but I did manage to catch one or two glimpses of Slip and after being spotted the young lady was persuaded to reveal a little bit of bra to me but not my greatest success!!!

Seymours note: The nameless young lady IS Alice's daughter and had never been before a camera before having been persuaded by her Mother that it would be fun. If you would like me to try and see if she will pose again drop me a line


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