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If there's one thing I hate its washing up but on occasions it does have its compensations. I went round to a friends house and his sister, Angela, had just finished clearing away after tea and was washing up. Mm not bad I thought, nice red suit and black stockings (or tights), wonder what her underwear's like. I decided to lend her a hand and see if I could catch a view of bra or knickers while she put everything away. I got some tempting views almost immediately as she leant over a cupboard door to put some crockery away. While her back was turned I sneaked a quick glance up her skirt and saw that she was wearing a lacy black slip. Bending down to put the washing up liquid away gave me the answer to the colour of her bra, black - and satin by the look of it. She then idly scratched her leg raising her skirt and revealing lots of the lovely lacy hem of her slip before squatting down to mop up some water on the floor. This gave me the most delicious view right up her legs, past her dark black stocking tops on beyond her white thighs to her tight black knickers. She straightened up and put her hands up her skirt to pull her slip down and then a hand under her jacket to adjust her bra straps. It was as she was putting away the cloth that the inevitable happened and she spotted me gawking at her. By now I was beginning to trust my friend the little devil and he didn't disappoint me. She scowled for a bit but then a smile appeared on her lips and she commenced to show me all her underwear in detail and finally after letting her finger slide into her knickers she popped her delightful breasts out of her bra for me to drool over.

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Angela's Angry  
Sometimes I really think I take my life into my hands getting a good view up Ladies skirts. Take this meeting with Angela for example. When I arrived at her place it was obvious from one look at her face that she was in a foul temper and I knew her temper tantrums could be quite something! She was also smoking which I knew with her was a bad sign.  But did I let that put me off trying to get a look at her knickers? No of course not. I'm made of sterner stuff! Mind you although I liked the skirt she was wearing and initially had a great view up it to her thighs I could not see any slip which was a great disappointment and it wasn't until she stood up and leaned over the arm of the sofa that I got confirmation that she was indeed wearing a short lacy hemmed white slip. The rest of her underwear which I had already had a good look at did not match the slip but I wasn't about to complain! I realised after a while that the book she was reading was criminal law and I just hoped she wasn't trying to find out what crimes I was committing by staring up her skirt! On reflection I think her bad mood must have been frustration with her boy friend because when she spotted me I got the inevitable glare but this quickly gave way to a sly smile and a show that I will remember for a long time.


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Angela's New Hair Style
It's ages since I saw Angela and I was quite looking forward to the opportunity of looking up her skirt again when I had to pop round to leave some information for her brother. He wasn't in and Angela was getting ready to go out and called out to me to just leave the details, I followed the voice to see her sitting on her bed brushing her hair. Wow, she had changed her hair style and its colour since I had last seen her and I thought it made her look terrific. Even more stirrings to see what underwear she had on! She hadn't realised I was standing in the doorway and I watched quietly as I realised that she had no blouse on under her jacket and this gave ample opportunity for viewing her bra. Still not realising I was there she hoisted up her skirt to adjust her stockings letting me view the lacy tops to the stockings and her lovely slip hem. She then turned round and crawled up the bed to pat her cat and I leapt at the chance of peeking right up her skirt. What a sight!! I thought she must have realised what I had done but she moved back to the end of the bed and started brushing her hair again but I guess that was just so she could decide exactly what words she would use to describe me and they came quickly pouring out. She crawled back on the bed and told her cat to savage certain parts of my anatomy but I felt that her eyes were betraying her real feelings and when she raised her knees giving me the chance to see all the way up to her knickers I knew I was about to have a fine few minutes. And so it proved!!


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