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I sometimes help a friend out by driving a taxi for him and it occasional has its high points and the day I picked Anna up was the highest of them all! She had ordered a taxi to take her and a friend to a civic lunch where she was receiving an award and I arrived early to be told the friend was going to be a bit late. As soon as I saw Anna as far as I was concerned the friend could be a day late. Anna was absolutely stunning! Dressed in a red suit with a short skirt that just begged to be looked up she had my pulse racing. She couldn't settle, being on edge about the lunch and award ceremony and was pacing around the room giving me a chance to try and get my head low enough to look up her skirt to see if she was wearing stockings and just how fancy her underwear was. She was so pre-occupied that at one point having squatted down to get something out of a cupboard (which gave me the first glimpse of her delicious pale green knickers) she actually, on standing up, just hiked her skirt up to adjust her stockings. Oh hell, I nearly exploded on the spot. She then sat down on the sofa again and I had these continual views of her knickers nestling under her skirt her suspenders taut on her stockings and a matching bra (or was she wearing a basque?) peeking out from behind her suit jacket. I was staring so hard it wasn't long before she noticed, gave me an icy stare and covered everything up. I really thought that was it. No way did I think this stunning sophisticated lady was hiding a devil inside but she was, and I was treated to the best view of the most elegant underwear imaginable and I thought, when she put her hand down her knickers, that would be the high point but when her friend finally rang the doorbell she asked me, realising how much I loved looking up skirts, if, instead of having a tip...... well just look at the photos!


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Anna's Mix up
Living in a small town does tend to mean that paths cross quite often and when I got invited to a party by a friend I recognised the address straight away. The anticipation of seeing Anna again was tremendous. Would I get to see her bra and knickers; would they be as sexy as last time; would she even speak to me in company? Anyway at last I was knocking on her door. As soon as she answered it I knew I would not be able to resist trying to get a look at her underwear. Not that it would be easy. She was wearing a calf length dress but it was a wrap over so hopefully there would be flashes of leg and, dare I hope, stocking top. The dress was tightly drawn round her waist and it didn't look as though the top would fall away to give me a view of her bra but time would tell. I was surprised to find I was the only one there and Anna checked out of the window on the stairs to see if anyone else was on the way. It appeared not so she sat despondently on the bottom step sipping a drink. I was far from despondent. When she had looked out of the window her legs were none too close together and I found myself looking at the most attractive pair of white lacy knickers with lacy stocking tops held tight by white suspenders. Oh My!! As she crossed and uncrossed her legs her wrap over skirt failed in its duty and slid off her leg letting her stockings show to the world. I kept gazing at her through the stair rails and this was when she caught sight of me. Oh oh now I'm going to get thrown out I thought. No, she just smiled, said she had been very stupid and had just realised that she had asked everyone else for the following week but as I seemed to enjoy looking at her underwear would I like to see more of it. (Oh I do so love that little Devil lurking) Of course I said NO!?!?!?!? Did I really see this most delectable of women let her bra slip that night? Have a look see........

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Anna's New Hat
I love a wedding or a christening not so much for the party as for the fact that all the ladies dress very smartly and its one of the few occasions when they wear hats which I think add so much to their elegance. When I heard that Anna was going my pulse starting moving up a gear just thinking about the underwear I might get to see and when I heard she wanted a lift I volunteered faster than Corporal Jones (UK Joke!) I arrived a bit early to find her all ready and sitting on the sofa dressed in a gorgeous summery dress with plunging neckline and a wide brimmed hat. Mmm, so what was she hiding underneath? As she picked a magazine from under her coffee table I took the opportunity of looking down her neckline and was rewarded with the sight of a lacy white bra. She then sat on the sofa and propped her feet up on the edge of the coffee table giving me a mouth watering view up her dress and an ample view of her satin white slip. She caught me peeking but by now I knew that her little devil would not let her be angry for long and so it proved and she opened her legs to let me stare at her very thin knickers. She then loosened her belt a little so she could slide her hand inside the top of her dress and very delicately she lifted a boob out for me to admire. Then standing up she lifted her skirt and gave me an uninterrupted view of her knickers which were stunning.


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Anna's Evening Dress
Seems that I get to do all the really hard jobs round here. Had to go and collect Anna for yet another party the other day!!! Oh my what a drag!!!!! I've got the hang of this now so that I always arrive early so we have to wait around a bit. This gives me a real chance of catching some glimpses of what I shouldn't see. When I walked into the room my heart sank as Anna had her back to me and all I could see was that she had on an ankle length evening dress. My heart rose again though when she turned round and sat on the sofa as she had on with it a blouse with a really plunging neckline and I could see her bra peeking out. I blended in as usual so as not to make my presence felt and Anna was soon smoothing the stockings on her leg which involved her in raising one leg quite high enabling me to glimpse her very lacy knickers. She was idling away the time by sorting through some CD's and I had plenty of opportunity of seeing up those gorgeous legs of hers. It was while she was squatting next to the coffee table and I was staring at the display of knickers she was giving me that she spotted me. I think by now she had come to expect it because although her initial reaction was one of displeasure it lasted only a micro second and she was soon giving me a display of her underwear and perfect breasts. This really was almost proving too much for me and my self control was under extreme pressure and you can see from her expression and looks that part of my anatomy was not behaving itself!! Cupping those delightful breasts and showing those stunning nipples really would try a saint.


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Anna's Kitchen


I'm not very good at plumbing but when Anna asked if I could fix a leak in her kitchen I was not about to say no! I asked her to hang around in case I needed a hand . I asked her to clear out the cupboard so I could get to the pipes and she bent over the door giving me a direct view down her blouse at her bra and then she crouched down to empty the cupboard and in doing so gave me an even better view of her bra. She then made herself a coffee and sat on the floor but not before needing to adjust her slip hidden under her wrap over skirt. The view up her skirt was delightful, stockings, suspenders, slip and knickers all being on display for me. It was as she put her cup back on the work surface that she realised I was doing very little plumbing but a lot of staring into the dark reaches of her skirt but I got an almost resigned glare as though she would have been disappointed if I wasn't staring at her private garments. Standing up and smoothing her skirt down was quickly followed by hiking it up to her waist to show me her lacy stocking tops and white suspenders. She then turned around and let me examine her rear at my leisure and gave me ample opportunity to gloat over all her other attributes.

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Anna's Sunny Afternoon
Following the incident in the garden I couldn't wait to receive another call from Anna for help so I went round on the off chance hoping that I would be able to ogle at her underwear again. I had no idea what excuse I was going to give for calling but this lady had got my blood to boiling point so much that I decided to take the chance. as it happened I found her in her lounge on a very sunny but chilly afternoon just relaxing. She didn't seem to mind that I had called but didn't exactly welcome me with open arms either. Huh, I thought after all that hard work of mine in the garden too!! Well, if that's the case I'll just have to make the most of it and watch to see what I could spy of her underwear. Even as she sat cross legged on the sofa I could tell that she was wearing a rather sweet looking lacy slip and as she moved around her bra became visible through a gap in her blouse. She then took her shoes off to put her feet up on the sofa and I drooled at the view up her legs, especially at the sight of the sheerest knickers she was wearing. I might be getting a bit laid back about being spotted but when she did see me staring I didn't really flinch and luckily I was right about her reaction. Oh my the sun certainly brought out the best in her - both of them!!!!!

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Anna Cleans up  
Idle hands is one thing I don't have (if I did they might stray to places that they shouldn't!) as I always seem to volunteer to help acquaintances. Mind you I would be lying if I said there wasn't usually an ulterior motive in my actions and so it was when Anna mentioned that she had been let down by builders and could I possibly do some work for her on a new staircase she was having put in. I naturally leapt at the chance and slaved away all day trying to keep the picture of her underwear which I hoped to see when she returned in the evening, out of my mind. Do you think she was grateful though for all my sweat? Her initial reaction was to berate me for the mess I had made and she immediately started with a dustpan and brush to clean it up. Hey, it worked! I hoped this would happen as I didn't want her changing into trousers before bending down on the stairs to give me the usual delightful views. In this case as well I loved the top she was wearing, it gave the most marvellous glimpses of her breasts and (as I was to find out later) her half cup bra! Her stockings suspenders, white slip and full white knickers also came and went on display and it was as she was squatting down on the top stair with knees slightly apart and her slip hanging down between her legs that she spotted me. Oh oh I thought, I bet this means I wont get paid for all my hard work. Well I wasn't in cash but thanks to her little devil I was more than rewarded with a fine display of her private garments!


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Anna gets the juice flowing
In haste this week but the pics speak for themselves! I popped round to Anna to find her in the kitchen mixing up  some fruit to make a juice. Its good when these ladies are occupied, they tend not to take too much notice of my antics in trying to spy on their underwear and I got away with a fair bit before Anna turned round to find me on the floor, floundering for an excuse!!! Needless to say she was not over amused but, fear not, the little devil quickly brought her round to the idea of letting me see a fair bit more of her super lingerie!


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Anna in the fresh air  
A reminder of summer for you this week. I found Anna out doing some gardening when I popped round the a while back and she was in a very summery outfit with a loose top and a summer dress that had a lacy hem. I hoped that didn't mean there would be no slip underneath to spot and time would tell that it didn't! Seeing her bend forward though and her top falling away giving me a great view down her cleavage stooped my mind wandering for a bit in that direction but then when she squatted down to start doing some weeding it quickly became apparent that there was indeed a frilly slip hiding underneath not to mention lacy topped white stockings and a gorgeous lacy pair of knickers. When she stood up and put the weeds into the wheel barrow her skirt hem got caught on the edge and allowed me a lovely view of her shiny slip. It took her a while to realise this but then she sorted it out and also straightened her stockings which was when she noticed me! But by now I was fairly certain she would enjoy teasing me a bit and so it proved.


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Anna has a glass too many  
Had my taxi drivers hat on the other day and was working late into the night when I received a call to pick up a lady from a private party. The lady turned out to be Anna and she was most definitely the worse for wear! I managed to get her home and help her through the front door and get her a glass of cordial and I found the asprins. As she bent forward to pick up the glass from the coffee table I realised how loose her evening dress was and I had a really good view of her cleavage and the black basque which was holding her in place. She was holding her head and moaning a lot and I was concerned about leaving her like that so decided to hang around. She collapsed onto the sofa and started to doze and her skirt was not hiding everything it should. Now I'm not one to take advantage of ladies whilst they are in this condition but I couldn't help feasting my eyes on her stocking tops and then on her black knickers when they came into view. She eventually sat up again to take a sip of her drink and in doing so her top slipped from her shoulders. She then stood up and had obviously forgotten about me as she straightened her clothing out and hitched her skirt to her waist showing off her matching underwear. She then did see me however and that's when the TV remote control collided with my head!! Given that I decided not to hang around but beat a hasty retreat!!


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Anna shows off  
There really is nothing like a wrap over skirt to give a guy the chance of catching some great glimpses of stockings and other underwear and when its worn by Anna and she's a bit careless of the way she sits and doesn't always do up all her blouse buttons well...........


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Anna on the stairs  
I caught Anna coming down the stairs the other day whilst she was on the phone to a friend. She sat and chatted for ages but when she eventually spotted me looking up her skirt you should of heard how she described me to he friend!


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Anna spring cleans  
Watching Anna spring clean the house. A chauvinistic way of spending the time I suppose. I should really have offered to help but then she may not have squatted down in front of the mirror whilst she polished it and I may not have had that view right up her skirt to her white knickers, nor may she have climbed up the step ladder to clean the top of a cupboard so depriving me of ogling up her  skirt.


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It seemed a long while since I had seen Anna so I was delighted when I got a call from her asking if I would help her move some heavy rubbish in the garden. Naturally I said yes but thought the chances were she would be wearing trousers so the chance of seeing her underwear would be low. I was wrong. As I wandered round the back of her house, there she was, squatting down legs apart and the view was just mind blowing. All the way past her stocking tops to her white knickers, clearly on display. She was working under trees and an insect of some sort had fallen on her and she and kept trying to brush it away and her hand was in and out of her blouse giving me the luxury of looking at her gorgeous cleavage. Getting up, she hoisted her skirt to adjust her stocking and smooth her slip and while she was loading her wheelbarrow I dropped to my knees and had a quick peek up her skirt. After a while she decided to take a rest and sat on the garden bench. It was no rest for my eyes as I got a real face full of her underwear starting with a full view of her bra as a button had come undone on her blouse and extending to her lacy white knickers when she put her feet up on the bench. Too much for me that was, and my heavy breathing gave the game away. She gave me a glare and buttoned up but I knew her little devil would soon have her showing me everything and he did!

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