Catherine's Page


I went down to the local auction rooms recently, just to have a look around really but the decision was rewarded with the lady I bumped into there. Catherine was looking round for a variety of furniture to put into her new flat and as soon as I saw her I resolved to follow her around and see what I could discover about her underwear. I was quickly rewarded with a view up her skirt when she squatted down to look more closely at a mirror. I too squatted down pretending to view another item but my eyes were fixed on the long view up her skirt passed her stocking tops to the small triangle of her white knickers that was revealed at the top of her thighs. She then turned round and bent over to examine a sofa but I kept looking into the mirror and the excellent view it was giving me of her slip hem. The next few minutes were magical as she tried various chairs and seats for comfort but comfort was the last thing I was feeling in the trouser department especially when she climbed a ladder to have a look over a partition to see if there was anything further she wished to examine. Then sitting down on the sofa and making notes about what she wanted to bid for she propped a leg on the stool and my heart nearly gave out at the view of her knickers I was given. It proved my undoing as I was so intent on staring at the gorgeous site she couldn't mistake the direction of my view. However her little devil was not far below the surface and although she had given me a fairly hard stare at first she was soon letting me view her various items of underwear as well as giving me a quick glimpse of her delicious nipple. I shall have to let it be known that I am available to help young ladies move furniture around and hopefully will bump into her again!!

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Catherine Buys the mirror


So the mirror that had given me such a delicious view up Catherine's skirt at the auction had actually been bought by her! I found this out when I was rewarded for having let her know I could help with odd jobs by her calling and asking if I could hang the mirror up for her. She had unpacked it from its box and packing and was looking at it lying on the floor. I was soon also looking intently at it but was more interested in the reflection as I could see straight up Catherine's skirt and spy on her knickers which she no doubt thought were well hidden up her tartan skirt. she stood the mirror up against the wall and then sat on the bed to thing about where she really wanted it hung. I was in no hurry for her to decide as she had her knees raised and I could look longingly at her legs and stockings. She was still deep in thought when she put one foot on the floor thus enabling me a clear view up to her knickers, completing the set as I had sneaked a glimpse down her blouse at her full slip and bra. This was my undoing though and she spotted my leer and got really upset, finding from somewhere a screwdriver and threatening me with it. She looked serious so I pleaded and she ordered me to lie on the floor. Still glaring she sat on the edge of the bed and showed me the sole of her foot and left me in no doubt what she was considering doing with it. he then got up and I think the little devil had a hand in her next move as she stepped right over me! By the time I had recovered and stood up she had unbuttoned her blouse and was taking it off. there followed a lovely display by her but I think I saw a little more than she had intended thanks to the mirror!!!!!



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