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Christine is the receptionist at my solicitors and is a petit demure young lady. This was the first time I'd met her and as usual I had to wait for my appointment, but I really didn't mind considering what I had to look at. She had only recently started at this job and was obviously keen to make an impression. She busied herself around the office and took no notice of me looking hard at her. I did the usual thing of dropping my papers on the floor to look under her desk and again when she came round to my side and leant over the desk. I got so low that I had the most perfect view right up her skirt past those lacy white hold-ups and she didn't seem to notice. In fact when she was leaning over the desk and I starred admiringly at the small amount of bra on display she even gave me a smile. This all changed a little later though. She obviously had a problem with her work and was thinking hard and fiddled with her blouse buttons in a nervous way which caused the button to come undone putting on display the whole of her delicious bra. After a while she saw me looking, realised what had my attention and gave me a look which said "what a pathetic man you are" I should care!! But something inside her said something different; that little devil was nudging his way to the surface and while she continued her work for a bit she made no attempt to cover her bra up. Soon that devil most definitely had the upper hand and looking and smiling at me she started to let me have delicious views of all her personal underwear. All too soon her boss buzzed through to say he was ready to see me and she got up and went to the door to let me through but not before standing there in the middle of the office and raising her skirt up to her waist to let me view the most scrumptious knickers I have seem in a long while on such a young lady.

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