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Emma forgets her key  
Emma lives a couple of doors away from me. She is an 18 year old student at the local college. I've not really paid much attention to her as I didn't think I'd ever get the chance to see her underwear and if I did it probably wouldn't be very sexy BUT...

I met her outside her house the other day. She told me that she had forgotten her key and was having to wait for someone to come home. I asked her if she wanted to wait inside at my place and she accepted as it looked as though it might rain. She stood around in the lounge looking lost so I suggested she read a magazine. It was as she sat that I caught the first glimpse of underwear when there was a small gap in her blouse and I could see a white bra cup showing and her short skirt stopping well short of her knees enabled me to see that her knickers matched. She crossed her legs and there was a great wide welt of stocking top! Now that was a surprise. It didn't stay on view long as she tugged her skirt down as best she could to cover it. She then idly started fiddling with her blouse button and it came undone giving me a sumptuous view of her delicious white cup. That didn't last long either. She glanced up, saw me staring and quickly buttoned herself up. Mmm, not going to see much today. She uncrossed her legs as well, obviously thinking that would hide anything but she didn't pull them close together so I had an uninterrupted view of her knickers lurking under her skirt. I guess the look on my face gave away the fact that I was seeing something so she put the magazine down and pulled down her skirt but gave me a much more open view in the process. Well, that's it I thought but I hadn't reckoned on the little devil because a little smirk came over her face and she started fiddling with her blouse again all the time looking at me and then quite brazenly she pulled her blouse open for me to admire her bra. Then still with a little smirk on her face she started parting her legs and giving me a wonderful show of her knickers in close up. After squirming round on the chair during which time by blood pressure went through the roof she started to remove her bra, unhooking it and letting it fall forward a little. Hell, I thought is she going to take it off completely?.............


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Emma takes a break  
Its ages since I bumped into Emma. She's still a student and so I suppose I knew that I was unlikely to see the sort of views that the older girls afforded me but you never know so when I found her in the kitchen getting a drink I risked a quick peek up her skirt and saw that at least there were stocking tops lurking. She turned round at that moment but I had resumed an upright position although I could tell she thought I was up to something. I made some comment about sitting down and having a break and she went through into the living room and sat and sipped her drink. She just looked at me, not saying a thing and not giving anything away by her expression but suddenly she just raised the hem of her skirt giving me a glimpse of stocking top, presumably to see what my reaction was. She then lent forward and put her cup on the floor giving me some cleavage to look at, then picked it up again and still staring at me started to give me a show, first by casually letting her legs drift apart and then by playing about with her top, removing it and generally teasing me


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