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As you will all realise by now I am a very busy man and it means that my staff must be prepared to work all hours. This sometimes means that we end up working at home and so it was that my new secretary found herself sitting on my settee on only her second day working for me. I had not chosen her for anything but her secretarial abilities you must understand but her looks and the way she dressed certainly helped her application along! Sitting very demurely on my sofa with her legs close together made me think that I was unlikely to see a lot of what lay underneath her skirt but while I was taking a phone call she suddenly started to fiddle with her suspenders showing off her delightful slip at the same time. Having got the suspender clasp done up again she transferred her attention to her bra strap and pulled it back on to her shoulder but she didn't seem to realise that in the process her top button had come undone and I had a really good view down her blouse to her cleavage. I then asked her to pick up some books behind the sofa and in leaning over the arm I was treated to a close up view up her skirt to her knickers and then she squatted down on the floor to gather her note book up. All in all a blissful few minutes! However it got better because as I took another phone call and she took off her shoes and put her feet up on the sofa and my view was, well, just stunning!! However my fixed stare attracted her attention. However she obviously decided she liked the job and didn't fancy swearing at her boss but that perhaps showing a bit more would earn her some brownie points - and it did!!!


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Helen throws a party
Its great when an employee throws a party. They feel obliged to invite the boss and it usually means there are plenty of well dressed women around to ogle at!! When I walked in I met Helen on the stairs and was immediately confronted by the sight of her stocking tops underneath the short party dress she was wearing. As we chatted she sat down on the stairs and that enabled me to have a long leisurely look at her gorgeous nylon encased legs. She didn't seem to notice that my eyes kept wandering as she happily chatted away to me. Then while we continued talking she managed to spill her wine over her legs. Being the gentleman that I am I rushed upstairs to get a towel (hoping that I might get a glimpse down her cleavage at the same time of course, but to no avail!) I handed her the towel and watched enraptured as she wiped her legs, parting her knees to give a full uninterrupted view of her knickers. She suddenly realise what a view she was giving me and clasped her hand to her mouth in horror and became very coy for a while but I complemented her on her choice of underwear and boldly asked if I might be permitted to view some more. Guess what. She said Yes!!


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Helen cleans up
Another lucky day in catching Helen in her kitchen cleaning up. All that bending and stretching gave me loads of opportunities to see what I shouldn't! Crouching down to get things from her cupboards and I could see right up her skirt. Bending forward to wipe doors and I could see right down her blouse. Interesting underwear including stockings and a slip were well on display. Climbing up on a stool to reach a top shelf should have given me an even better view up the skirt but unfortunately I was a bit clumsy and Helen noticed my antics! However she was either in a good mood or her little devil was in supreme control as she didn't hesitate in giving me an enthralling display.


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Helen Irons out a problem
I expect staff get fed up with their bosses calling on them at the weekend but I had to collect some papers from Helen which she had kindly agreed to take home the previous Friday to finish. I called round Sunday morning and was just about to ring the door bell when her husband opened it on his way to play golf. He told me Helen was in the kitchen and I found my way down there and realised that as she had the radio playing very loudly she had not realised I was in the house. I stood back from the door a little and enjoyed the view of her wearing a jumper that zipped down the front. As she thought she was alone she was obviously not bothered that the zip was hardly done up at all and was allowing her black lacy bra to be exposed to my view. She was just starting her ironing and I stayed where I was until she turned her back on me and bent forward to get the iron out of a cupboard. I took a chance and dived onto the floor to get a peek up her skirt being pretty sure that the noise from the radio would drown out my movements. She then ironed a blouse and to my delight took off her jumper to put the blouse on. Mmm, I did like that bra! She then put the iron away, squatting down at the cupboard to do so and giving me a delightful view up her legs, passed her stocking tops to her lacy black knickers. T'was then that she saw me and I got a bit of a glare but I know she likes her job so she wasn't about to kick me out but set about encouraging me to give her a rise.........

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