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Am I dreaming? After this little encounter I think I must be; or I've died and gone to heaven! I went for an appointment at a alternative health clinic, slightly strange surroundings with skulls on the walls and cats in evidence but I'd been told they were good. I should care, considering the encounter I had in the waiting room with Inka, a Countess would you believe from some central European country. She was waiting for her partner who was having a consultation and dressed, well, she was elegant all right, but so unbelievably sexy too. She had a see through blouse on which did nothing to hide the lacy bra underneath and a long calf length dress, topped with a hat and finished with a pearl necklace. Leaning forward to pick up a magazine from under the coffee table gave me a delightful view of cleavage and as she sat back on the edge of the sofa I could clearly see a very wide lacy hem to a white slip. She crossed and uncrossed her legs, fiddled with her suspenders (right in front of me - obviously I was too lowly to be seen!) and then swung her legs up on to the sofa letting the hem of her slip show. Eventually her skirt slid down her legs revealing more and more but the greatest sight was when she swung her legs back to the floor. She made no attempt to keep them together and let her knickers come into clear view. I was getting somewhat hot by this time and when she raised a foot to take off a shoe I think my moans were audible as she looked up and glared and pointed at me asking what the hell I was doing there as though I had materialised from thin air. I thought she  was probably the sort who was used to having people beheaded so I was a tad worried; but would my little friend the devil come to my aid? Next week's update will provide the answer!


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Inka Succumbs 
Yes, the little devil did his work and the Countess revealed every stitch of her underwear and more!! I just cannot wait to go back for my next appointment at the Health Clinic, I intend to make sure I bump into Inka again - and again- and again!!!!


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Inka Waits for the kettle to boil


When I first met the Countess in the Clinic I could tell she was upper class by the way she ignored me so it was a bit of a shock to find she actually knew how to brew a cup of tea! Quite by accident (I don't think!) I got asked to go round to her house to sort out an electrical appliance in her kitchen. She was dressed very differently to the first time I met her but the suit she was wearing had definite possibilities and I very soon caught sight of a lacy slip hem. I started crawling about on the floor supposedly trying to trace some wires but it gave me a great chance of glancing up her skirt. Not that I really needed to make the effort because when she sat down to wait for the kettle to boil she adjusted her suspender clasp right in front of me and then propped her feet up on another stool so letting my hungry eyes feast on her underwear!! Her knees drifted apart and I glimpsed her knickers and then she undid a button on her blouse so she could reach her bra strap and adjust it. Oh my! She didn't bother to do the button back up and the blouse hung away from her breasts and gave me a stunning view of her bra cup. The view was improved dramatically when she dropped a spoon and bent down to retrieve it. It was as she sat back on the stool and most of her bra became exposed that she spotted me. An almost immediate twinkle in her eye, though reassured me that I wasn't going to get a fist in my face and sure enough there followed a superb display of her underwear including her very full knickers.



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Inka Fiddles
Not sure if I will have your attention to read this or if you will be able to resist the temptation of looking at this weeks set given the picture on the right! It was at the health clinic again and I'd managed to fix my appointment so it followed Inka's partner's; so I knew she would be in the waiting room. She seemed unable to settle to anything getting up and smelling the flowers, bending forward and looking at pictures, and even climbing on a chair and table to look at a hanging ornament. Mind you this was all unbelievably erotic as I kept an eye on her and managed to see right up her skirt on various occasions. I don't need to describe the slip or knickers you can see them for yourself but perhaps I do need to mention that her bra matched those knickers which were French in style. Anyway the inevitable happened and the Countess swore at me in some mid European language (probably a good job I couldn't understand it) It didn't take too long however for the little devil to get to work and I knew I was safe when she beckoned me over so I could peer down at her nipples whilst she pulled her bra out.

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The Countess's leaving party
When I heard that the Countess might be leaving our district for a bit I was somewhat upset. The chance of seeing that gorgeous blonde in all the fine lingerie she wears was always a highlight for me. So when I got the chance to go to her leaving party I naturally jumped at it. As usual I arrived early to ensure I had a good chance of peeking at her underwear before too many people started milling around. When I arrived I thought I was really in for a bonanza as she was wearing an off the shoulder evening dress that came just below her knees but it was to prove a really frustrating time as I tried all sorts of angles to see down her top to spot her bra or more breast but just could not seem to get into the right position. I did manage to get a quick peek up her skirt to confirm she was wearing a black slip and stockings and that fact was confirmed (in spades!!!) when she stood up to adjust her stockings. Then came a big surprise. She sat down looked me in the eye pointed a finger at me and in that sexy accent of hers said that I was a silly boy for not asking to see her underwear and as she was going away she would give me a little "going away" present. Which she did!!!!!!!

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Countess Inka's Reception
When I received an invitation to a reception for the new owner of the health clinic I visit I didn't realise it was the Countess who had bought it! This really was a welcome surprise, perhaps I would even get some treatment for my broken nose which I received from Miss Makenzie! Thoughts of my nose soon disappeared though when I saw Inka sitting on the sofa chatting. Dressed in a long evening dress, long gloves and a little hat I wondered what delights she was hiding underneath. I spent my time hovering around her and was rewarded with glimpses up her dress as she moved around showing that she was wearing stockings and black lingerie. It was when her hand went inside her plunging neckline and she moved the dress away from her skin enough to let me glimpse a nipple that she saw me and I learnt a few more words of that mid European language (all of which I think are not in any dictionary!) My heart missed a couple of beats as I thought what she might do to parts of my anatomy if my little devil friend was not working but I needn't have worried and I was soon enjoying a complete display of the Countesses charms.

Countess Inka's Return (Part 1)  
She has been away back to her country but has made a welcome return to my neck of the woods!

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Countess Inka's Return (Part 2)
Well, at least she seemed to be in a good mood after she spotted me gawping at her knickers!

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Countess awaits her 

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