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Helping Jamie Out  

Being the gentleman I am how could I refuse to pop round to a new neighbour the other day and help with the aftermath of moving in. I found Jamie in the garage trying to clear up some of the mess left. Climbing over some of the equipment Jamie crouched down to sweep up the dust and her legs drifted apart enabling my gaze to go right up her skirt, taking in her slip and stocking tops on the way before coming to rest on her knickers! Then as she leant forward her jumper fell away and the view of cleavage was just about the most beautiful sight imaginable with her twin orbs being nestled by a lacy edged bra. To my great joy she then decided to try to reach some high cobwebs which involved her climbing onto the work bench. It looked quite precarious so I immediately went over to hold it steady for her. The fact that I then managed to spent a good while leering up her skirt was quite co-incidental! She gave me a bit of a look as she climbed down but I thought I had successfully got away with my peeking but when she sat cross legged on the bench to read some directions on a can and I stared at the hem of her slip on view and then at her knickers just peeking between her legs when she uncrossed them she gave me a withering stare and said she had thought that was what I was doing and she wasn't at all sure that she need any more of my help. See next week as to whether I talked her round!



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Helping Jamie Out (2)  
She started to give me a right good telling off and I tried to talk her round but she stomped off into the back of the garage and looked quite sulky but I carried on telling her how pretty she was and how much I thought she had a beautiful face. Huh, she replied lets see if you can keep your eyes on my face then and she leant forward (as you can see!!) keeping her eyes firmly fixed on mine. I failed the test miserably but by then her little devil was stirring and she said oh well what's the harm in letting you have a quick peek - and that's what she did but she really did tease at the end.


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Jamie Waits  
I don't frequent nightclubs very often and its usually on business and out of hours so when I was called to go and see the manager of a new local club I had not expected to walk in and see Jamie sitting on a stool obviously waiting to see the same man. I hung around in the doorway where she could not see me to se if I was likely to get to see anything nice under her long pleated skirt and it didn't take long for a hint of lacy white slip to appear as she crossed her legs. She then got off the stool and squatted down to attend to her show which gave me the opportunity of seeing right up to her white knickers and then when she stood up her hands went up her skirt to adjust her suspender. She started to look around to make sure she was not being observed and I tried to sneak round the edge of the room to get a better view but she had finished by the time I'd moved far enough and sat on the stool again but then put her hand up her skirt to pull down the hem of her slip and that was when she spotted me. I'm pleased to say that she didn't take a lot of persuading to let me see more and I chanced my arm and asked her to sit on the floor with her knees raised to give me a better view. Did she comply? Have a look and see!!!


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Jamie plans a holiday  
Walking into an office always has some hope for me that I might find a smart lady in there sitting perhaps not to elegantly and showing what she ought not to and so it proved the other day when I stumbled upon Jamie idly flicking through a holiday brochure in her office. Having someone come into her room obviously made her think that she should look busy so she went to the photocopier to but found it was out of paper. Bending forward to check it gave me a quick chance to see up her tight skirt and I didn't waste the opportunity. Tights! and by the look of it black knickers underneath! She then squatted down to find some paper and gave me a superb view, not only up her skirt but down her top too! When she got back up and turned back to the copier she pulled her skirt up a bit to straighten it and suddenly realised I was probably staring. She didn't take too kindly to that but was soon letting me see some more of her underwear and a quick glimpse of her super boobs!


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Jamie sorts her underwear  
Its a rather pleasant experience peering through a door way watching a young lady sort through her underwear, but perhaps not so pleasant when she realises she is being watched! Still, knowing it was Jamie and knowing she had a little devil lurking in her I thought I might get a treat and I did!


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Jamie's laptop  
Jamie's laptop (not the one for sitting on but her mobile PC) provided the ideal opportunity for me to catch lots of glimpses up her skirt. The laptop sitting in her lap hid from her eyes the view of her stocking tops and black silky slip that I was getting from across the office. As she absently put her hand up her skirt to adjust her suspender I drank in the view of her exposed thigh and when she stood up to go to the photo copier I took the chance and tried to catch a glimpse from low level. Even when she had turned round and bent down facing me I was rewarded with the most delightful down blouse view but it was as nothing compared to the show she gave me after her little devil had over ridden her initial response to spotting me!


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