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Going to the garage is normally an expensive pain but I don't care anymore. I took my car into a new garage the other day and when I went into settle the bill I met the owner - Jules! She took my breath away on first glance; sophisticated and sexy, dressed in a crisp white blouse, blue blazer, tight blue skirt and white tights or (I wondered) stockings There was a query on the job sheet I gave her and she made a phone call and then needed to find some information. This gave me a chance to wander round the office and try to see if I could catch a glimpse of any underwear. The chance came as she bent over to look into a filing draw and I managed to see a good deal of thigh and - yes, yes stocking tops. She then squatted down to get something from the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet and her legs drifted slightly apart letting me see her knickers, gorgeous, white and lacy. Going back to her desk and sitting down and crossing her legs confirmed how nice her knickers were and I also got more than an eyeful of her bra through a gap in her blouse. It was then that she spotted my stare and I though at first she was going to hit me! She stood up with such a look on her face and clenched fists! Thankfully she just sat down and still staring at me buttoned up her blouse. It wasn't long however before that little devil fought his way to the surface and she began to let me see all there was to see of her delicious underwear. She was such a tease; having unbuttoned her blouse she pushed her bra down but stopped me seeing her nipples by a judiciously placed hand. She then popped her tits back into her lacy bra and opened her legs wide and pushed her hand down those skimpy white knickers. Then just before she had decided I had seen enough she popped her tits out of her bra once again and let me gaze unmolested on her most delightful breasts and nipples.

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Jules Shops for a Hot Tub
I'd told jules what I did for a living when I had taken the car into her garage and she had said at the time she had always fancied a hot tub and would come round and have a look. I couldn't wait. Just the opportunity of being able to look up her skirt or down her blouse again was enough incentive to want her to come to my showroom. If she ended up buying something that would be a bonus. She came late one afternoon just as the staff were leaving which as far as I was concerned was perfect. I showed her the leaflets and the hot tub and as she leant over the side to look at it more closely I ducked down to look up her skirt to see what she had on underneath. Luckily she was engrossed in examining the tub as I stuck me head right down on the floor and saw that she had on stockings and a pale pink pair of knickers. She sat on the edge of the tub and let a leg dangle which gave me an easy view of her fabulous legs, stockings and knickers. She then sat on a low step unit whilst she read the details and I noticed that her blouse had a gaping hole and her matching pink bra was brazenly on display. She was engrossed in the reading and let her legs drift apart. My god those knickers are hardly worth having on, I thought, they are so transparent I can see everything. She very obviously shaves down there! Ah, that was when she spotted me looking, she drew her legs together and re-buttoned her blouse and went back to her leaflet. I could see in her eyes though that she was fighting that little devil inside and soon a slight smile appeared on her face and she was very soon treating me to the most brazen display of her private and intimate underwear... and more!!!!


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Jules takes me for a ride
Amazing co-incidence, I went away for a couple of days to a country hotel to find that Jules was staying there too. Not wanting to miss the chance of either convincing her to buy that hot tub or to look up her skirt I cornered her in the lounge. She sat down at the table and started to do some sums, to see if she could afford the tub, she said, but I soon lost interest in the sale as my eyes focused on her bra which was totally visible through her dark see through blouse. Then she crossed and uncrossed her legs giving me the drooling sight of her white stocking tops and matching suspenders and knickers. I was staring hard to see every little thread of her underwear when she spotted me. She clamped her knees together and gave me that look but I guess as she was on holiday the little devil found it much easier to get to the surface because almost immediately she said that she felt I deserved a treat as I had tried so had to sell her that tub, so I should lie down on the floor. Well, no way was I going to refuse to do that and spent the next heavenly few minutes lying looking up her skirt. Right, she said, one favour deserves another so you can take me for a drive. We did go for a drive, but not very far. That devil was too insistent and very soon Jules had me pull over to the side of the country lane and proceeded to.....


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Jules at the Hotel


I like slips, as you may have noticed, but there is the odd occasion when its good to realise that one is not being worn and this set starts off showing why! Jules had come down from her room and was waiting in the hall. There was no light on and she was standing against a glass door revealing that her dress very much needed a slip under it!! I had been standing in the shadow and when someone switched the light on Jules saw me standing there and quickly realised what I was doing. he disappeared back upstairs and I went into the lounge to wait to see how she would be dressed when she came down. When she entered the room she kneeled on the sofa to look out of the window and leaned over the back to look at a chess set. This gave me the chance to see up her skirt and examine the slip she had put on to stop her skirt being so transparent. She then started to watch the TV whilst she waited for her husband putting her feet up on the settee and without realising it giving me an uninterrupted view of her stocking tops and knickers. Well, as usual, I got spotted and Jules wagged a finger at me but soon the little devil made her relent and there followed a show of her underwear I'll remember for a long time. I was beginning to get a bit worried about her husband walking in when she beckoned me over with a finger and pulled her knickers out to let me look down and see that she was completely shaved. It was then that I heard the door open behind me.......


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Jules Sulks


Now I know that my looking up the ladies skirts at every opportunity probably doesn't normally help their mood but when I went round to Jules to service the hot tub that I had sold her I was very surprised to find that she was in a funny far away mood. Not sulking perhaps but not paying any attention to what I was doing, which was great because it gave me plenty of opportunities of looking up her skirt and down her blouse when she absently undid a button and left her bra well and truly on display. She even, at one point, hiked her skirt up and pulled her stocking tops straight right in front of me! Wow, I like this mood!!! But then she saw me staring up her skirt and the snarl I got would have made a tiger blanche! Covering up, the glower continued, but I mustered up my little friend and soon I was relieved to see the hint of a smile on Jules lips. Very soon she was hoisting her skirt so I had a full view of her slip, opening her legs so I could admire her knickers and pulling her blouse wide open so I could see every last stitch on her bra cups. She was now in full flow and she soon had her delightful boobs out of their cups and her hand down inside her knickers. We had certainly managed to brighten each others afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jules Party's Alone
I hadn't seen Jules for ages and it transpired that she had been out of town opening a new branch of her garage at the other end of the country and so having returned she decided to throw a party. Having become one of her better customers I was invited along and I don't have to tell you that I went with one purpose in mind - getting a good eye full of her underwear. As you know I always try to arrive early so that I get to be alone with the lady in question and  this party was no exception. The problem was that no one else seemed to be arriving at all and my mind went back to the time I had ended up as the only guest at Anna's. Would history repeat itself and would I be as lucky. Yes on both counts as I soon found out as Jules kneeled on a chair and looked out of the window. There in all its glory was displayed the hem of her slip and I crouched down and gazed hard up her skirt at her stocking tops and black knickers. She sat down in a chair and was obviously concerned with everyone's late arrival and started fiddling with her shoe strap which meant her legs parted nicely for me to feast my eyes some more. She threw her legs over the arm of her chair and I was thoroughly enjoying the view but when she moved to put them on the ground and the gap between her thighs was so large I could she absolutely everything she saw me. She scowled at me and threatened all sorts of retribution and ordered me to lie on the floor. Her stare was enough to turn anyone into a pillar of salt and I was really quacking until she made the rudest face at me, burst out laughing and proceeded to give me a show of her underwear which culminated in throwing her knickers at me! (Seymour's note: I hope photo no 45 doesn't destroy everyone's image of Jules as a Demure Lady:-)

Jules lounges around  
Its quite unusual to find Jules relaxing but the other day I obviously caught her having a few minutes rest, reading a paper on the sofa. her skirt buttoned up the front and where it fell away I had a good initial glimpse of her white slip and whilst she idly fiddled with her bra strap I managed to catch the odd glimpse of that too! Putting her feet p on the sofa and raising her knees did the inevitable and let me see passed her stocking tops right up to her knickers and then when she eventually moved her feet back to the ground and sat on the edge of the seat her skirt and slip hung down behind her legs and I just soaked up the view. But the inevitable soon happened, she spotted me and i tired to look suitably embarrassed but to no avail. However I need not have feared the result and was soon having my eyes feasted on Jules private garments.

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Jules reveals her underwear  
There is obviously something about Jules kitchen which makes her seem very distant. Whether she was sitting there thinking about what to cook for supper or what hunk of man she wished had come round to sort out her electrics rather than me I don't know . All I do know is that it gave me an opportunity of partaking of my favourite sport while she got herself a coffee and sat down to drink it. It was when she stood up and bent over her chair to pick something up from the floor and I tried to get low to see up to her knickers that she totally surprised me by glancing back at me between her legs. Really caught me out that did! So there I was faced with the familiar pose of a glower and arms folded tight in front of her but I stood my ground and sure enough she soon warmed a little and started to show me what was lurking under her outer garments.

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Jules phones a friend  
Its amazing isn't it how when girls are on the phone they seem to go off in a world of their own. Take Jules, for example (and who wouldn't like to take Jules!!), sitting on the sofa drinking a cup of coffee when her friend phones and they go off chatting about this and that and their minds forget that there might be someone present, someone who might take advantage and look at the display of underwear being presented including a lacy slip and lace topped stockings. At one stage she put her feet up on to the sofa, let her skirt fall to her waist and her knees drift apart. Oh my! I'm convinced she knew I was looking as although she gave a bit of a grimace when she first pretended to notice me, she then stuck her tongue out at me and proceeded to let me have a more leisurely look.

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Jules goes retro


This lady gets through a lot of coffee! It seems that every time I see her she's sitting down drinking a cup. Mind you I should complain given the views it usually affords me! And if you like retro underwear then you are going to be as interested in the views as I was!

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Chairman Jules
You may remember that I first met Jules when I took my vehicle to her garage for repair and now I needed to update my business fleet so thought I'd enter into negotiations with her, after all the fringe benefits could be good!!! We were meeting with her sales director too but he was late and Jules and I were the only ones in the board room. She came in and leant over a chair to put her case on the floor. I immediately dropped my pen as is my custom (!!!!) and caught a quick glimpse up her skirt of her slip and legs. She then sat down and adjusted her skirt and slip and oh clumsy me I dropped my pen again under the table. As I surfaced Jules had her skirt hem in her hand and up round her waist - Wow - but not stockings this time, she was wearing tights. Now that normally doesn't do a lot for me but I wasn't exactly complaining as I stared hard at her knickers through the tights. She was obviously getting edgy waiting for her co director and couldn't seem to stop fiddling with her blouse or skirt. Eventually she bent over her chair again to delve into her bag and I resumed my place on the floor but that was my undoing. Sticking my head between her legs so I could see everything was a step too far and she realised what I was doing. A torrent of language that I certainly wont repeat here came forth!!!! Closing my eyes and praying for divine help was my only hope! It worked!! There is a god after all! A slight grin appeared on her lips and we were away!!!

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