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It was with some relief that I met Kate. Following my meeting with Wendy we had some difficult problems to resolve but I got a call to attend "chambers" as their offices are called and Kate, Wendy's assistant would explain to me how they had resolved the difficulties. When she came into the room I wasn't sure that I was going to have my usual luck in seeing anything sexy. She was dressed in a two piece suit, plain white blouse and, I guessed (wrongly as it turned out) flesh coloured tights. I almost decided not to bother to try to look up her skirt but as she sat down I caught a glimpse of white slip hem so I thought perhaps all was not lost. I walked round the coffee table while she was sorting her papers out and was rewarded with a view right the way up her legs, passed her stocking tops (!!!!!) and on to her white knickers. Well, things were looking up!!! Dropping my pen and looking under the coffee table was well rewarded but when she stood up and bent over to get something from her briefcase I was further taken aback to realise that her stockings were seamed! Oh my how I drunk in that view! She sat down again and crossed her legs exposing quite a bit of thigh and, probably realising that, then uncrossed them. In doing so I was given a clear view of that white vee at the top of her legs and let out an involuntary moan. I didn't realise it was very load but Kate heard it and I received a hard stare over her glasses with a furrowed brow showing her displeasure. She covered up and I smiled sweetly and innocently and was soon rewarded with her enjoying the concentrated looks of a very frustrated male! After showing me in close detail her underwear she ordered me to lie on the floor. Hell, who am I to refuse such an order......

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Kate relieves me further
I sometimes wish I had never started to buy this new site with the problems its causing. But then again it does have its compensations when it means I have to have another meeting with my barrister's assistant. They always seem to have meetings at home but then it means they are quite relaxed. More than I was soon after I saw Kate. It was when her jacket fell open the first time that I really sat up (or at least certain bits of me did!) The blouse she was wearing was the sheerest I had ever seen. Not much point in having it on at all really. The white bra she had on underneath was so clearly on view. I could see just about every stitch even through the blouse. Then there was the added bonus of her slip. Really interesting this was. Not like any I had seen before (what's your view on it?) Anyway, back to my problem. Kate was giving a lot of thought to the matter in hand, as much as I was giving to looking at her exposed legs and knickers as she crossed her legs and then crouched down to pick up her pen which she had dropped. It was actually as she was adjusting her shoe and putting her knickers on further display that she spotted me. Oh hey what's next I wondered. A slap round the face, a kick in the groin or a smile and a display? Have a look and see........



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A Christmas present from Kate
Considering all the business I have given professionals over the last year or so with my business deals it seemed the least they could do to invite me to an early Christmas get together for all their Clients. It was a smart do and I was all done up in my dinner suit and bow tie. That did of course mean that the ladies should be well dressed to and I was fairly hopeful of seeing some sights. Kate was the only one in the reception area when I arrived and she was sitting down with a glass of white wine. Moving around in her chair and pulling up her stocking tops gave me a great chance to view her legs and beyond!! Her slip, black and lacy, was really attractive. She got up from her chair to look at the painting over the fireplace and I took the opportunity to grab a view up her skirt. I couldn't quite get down far enough to see all the way up to her knickers at first but then she moved slightly and her underwear sprang into sight. Black too!!! She then went and sat down again and started to fiddle with the neckline of her dress. I think she had some irritation which she was trying to stop and she was pulling the dress away from herself so I leapt round the room to try and look down her top but that was a step too far and she was most annoyed at what she realised I was trying to do. I got down on my knees and pleaded eloquently for her forgiveness, it being Christmas and all and I succeeded in bringing her round to the extent that it ended up with her removing her knickers and tossing them at me!

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