Kylie's Page
I'm going to have to write a book "Confessions of a Taxi driver" if this continues! Had another job the other day to pick up this young lady, Kylie. She was ready when I arrived but then couldn't find her lipstick. No bad thing as she bent over to look in her bag which was on the settee. She was wearing an interesting top which only had a shoulder strap one side. This meant that I had a clear view of the bra strap on the other side. As she searched through her bag I offered my help and got down on my knees to look under the sofa but took the opportunity to look up her skirt, as one does! Mmm, nice white stockings with lacy tops, Hold ups or suspenders I wondered? She then sat on the sofa and continued looking in her bag while I continued looking down her top at her rather nice bra. Having ascertained that the lipstick wasn't in her bag she started looking behind cushions and this gave me ample views up her skirt beyond her stocking tops to her thin white knickers and confirmation that she was wearing suspenders. Then inevitably she spotted me. Such language from such a young sweet lady!! Still my little mate, that devil lurking inside her, soon fought his way to the surface and she gave me a lovely show and my, were those knickers transparent!!!


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Kylie Tidies Up
What a difference a few minutes can make in getting the view of a lifetime. If I hadn't arrived early at Kylies to help her tidy up her spare room I would never have been treated to the display that greeted me. She hadn't heard me arrive and I stood outside the door looking in through the glass panel as she sat on the edge of the bed and put her shoes on. They had laces which encircled her legs and it involved her lifting her foot high to be able to do them up. So today I already knew she was wearing a delicious lacy slip, white stockings and suspenders and lacy white knickers. I let her finish putting on her shoes before letting her know I was there!! The first thing she said she wanted me to help with was removing a large heavy mirror which was lying flat on the floor. She stood beside it and asked if I thought I could lift it OK. Well, something was lifting for sure as I looked at the mirror and got a clear view right up her skirt. She didn't seem to realise what a view I was getting and said that she would tidy the bed whilst I removed the mirror. I bent down to pick up the mirror as she stretched across the bed and I virtually had my head up her skirt. As she was sorting out the quilt which she had pulled to the floor she spotted my gaze up her legs and frowned at me but didn't fight that little devil very long, climbing on to the bed, parting her legs and pulling her top down to confirm that her white lacy bra was deliciously see through and matched her French knickers.


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Kylie and Aunt Sarah
I bumped into Kylie at a party the other night. She didn't recognise me but I certainly did her!! Her very short skirt hid little and it was obvious that she was wearing lacy topped stockings and her suspender belt was clearly visible through the dress material. She was talking to her Aunt and I have to admit that at first I didn't take too much notice of her, my eyes were too occupied with Kylies underwear but when she handed her glass to Kylie and put her hands up her skirt I just had to see what was on view and she was straightening out a white lacy hemmed slip. They then sat down and chatted and drank the wine and it gave me ample opportunity of seeing more of Kylies stockings and suspenders and also Sarah's slip but very little else of the older woman's underwear. Eventually as Sarah crossed her legs I got a swift glimpse of her knickers but she caught me looking and both ladies immediately covered up. Still with two little devils at work it wasn't long before they exchanged glances and Kylie flashed her bra and Sarah started to undo her dress ably assisted by Kylie. They went on to help each other give me a show of their boobs although I think Sarah was a little shy even though she had quite openly given Kylie a full kiss on the lips. Hopefully when I next see Sarah her little devil will be at full throttle! (Please look at Seymour's Scribbles)


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Kylie Makes up
It's absolutely ages since I bumped into Kylie so it was a really pleasant surprise when I got a call from my taxi owning friend to go and pick her up to take her to a party. Typical woman of course, she wasn't ready when I got there and was still putting her make up on, sat in front of a large mirror propped on the floor. The lacy tops of her hold up stockings immediately grabbed my attention but not for long as it was soon taken by the view of her sheer red knickers that were also on display. Hell, I certainly wished I was going to the party too but after she spotted me looking and gave me the usual grimace I soon had seen everything I was likely to at any party!!


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