Louise's Page
Some women never seem to be happy. I volunteered to go and fix Louise's h-fi as her husband was not able to do anything practical but she treated me like the hired help when I got there and apart from pointing me in the direction of the equipment sat with her nose in a book and a look of a bad smell under it! Mind you, it meant that she took no notice of me and stood up to straighten out her white lacy slip which revealed that she was wearing stockings, so things might be ok! She went back to her book and started idly fiddling with her suspenders and then started to look for a pen she had dropped. Leaning over the chair arm and squatting to reach under the sofa gave me a wonderful view of her knickers. She wandered off into the kitchen and came back with a coffee for herself but never offered me one! Thanks I thought, I'll get my own back. So I asked her if she would mind holding a wire at the back of the hi-fi whilst I fiddled underneath. She seemed to think it was an imposition but came over to where I was lying on the floor and leaned over to hold the wire. Bingo!! There I was right between her legs with stocking tops, knickers and slip only inches away from my face. I was mumbling something incoherent and she bent forward to ask me to repeat it and saw where my eyes were. I expected a quick foot in my private parts but instead she went and sat down on the sofa again and looked as though she was contemplating...what, I wondered... to call the police and tell them she had a sex maniac in the house, or to relax, enjoy herself a little and let me see the rest of her gorgeous body? C'mon Little Devil don't let me down in my hour of need!

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Louise asks my Advice
After my last visit to Louise's house and the frosty reception I got when I first went in I wondered quite why I had been asked to call round. Oh perhaps she thought I did have some use as she had decided to buy a new sound system and wanted my advice. She was sitting at the dining table writing out a list of the features she thought the hi-fi should have. I only took any notice of the features Louise had!!! She was wearing a long skirt buttoned down the front and a white blouse with the most exciting plunging neckline and the views I got down her cleavage were, to say the least, satisfying! When she crossed her legs and I got the opportunity of peeking under the table I confirmed that she was wearing a slip and then when she dropped her pencil and squatted down to pick it up I knew that her knickers and bra were a matching set! Bending down and getting back on the chair had obviously sprung a suspender because she pulled her skirt up to sort them out. Whether she thought I was a gentleman and would look away or thought I wouldn't notice I know not but while I was drinking in this delightful scene she caught my stare and reacted as I expected and covered up immediately. I was not quite as worried this time as last but I spent an anxious few seconds until my little devil friend kicked into action and she gave me a guided tour of her underwear ending with her taking her knickers off and tossing them at me!!!!


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Louise needs support
Forgive me for the title! Quite why she thinks I am an expert in hi fi systems I don't know but I aint complaining as long as I get invites to her house! She was expecting the system to be delivered and I found her waiting in her conservatory reading a paper. I hovered around enjoying the view of her stocking encased legs and the glimpse of slip hem and, wondering if I could get a quick sight of her bra, I moved round to try and look down her suede jacket. Nope, no sign of her bra, but hang on, hells teeth, thats because she isn't wearing one!!!! Control yourself Seymour I thought, this could get interesting! Well, the carrier didn't arrive and she started to get agitated and began playing with her zip on the jacket giving me even more cause to swallow hard. By the time she had restlessly shifted around enough for me to have seen her knickers as well as her suspenders and stocking tops I was wondering how hard I could stare before she noticed. I soon found out! Well, what happened next? Oh, nothing you would be interested I'm sure!!

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