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I'm spending a fortune on professional advice at the moment but it does have its compensations! Melissa phoned me to say that they needed to discuss some figures on a contract and could I call in and see her assistant. Shame that I thought, much rather see Melissa and what she is hiding under her skirt but then when I arrived and went into Melissa's office I decided in a nano second that I was going to be more than happy discussing figures with Megan! Dressed very similarly to her boss as she invited me in I could see her bra through a gap in her tight fitting crisp blouse and when she turned round to face me and her legs strayed apart I started to drool over the lacy hem of her slip which came on display. Even more drooling as she absent mindedly put her hand up her skirt to scratch her leg above the stocking top she revealed. Then crossing her legs and putting her heel on her knee nearly caused me to faint. Glad I didn't though because then I would have missed the opportunity of dropping my pen and looking right up her skirt when she stood up and bent over a work station. Then (hell, could things get any better) she squatted down to get some information out of a drawer. Initially I could only see a small glimpse up the skirt but then she swung one knee round and I could see her delicious knickers without hindrance. I think it was the groan of ecstasy that must have made her look up and see me almost shaking. Lets just hope she has the same attitude as her boss I thought and crossing my fingers that the little devil would succeed I watched as she glared at me and buttoned herself up.............

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Megan and Sara go Shopping
Strange isn't it how when some people come into a room everyone is immediately aware of their presence whereas with others nobody takes any notice. I, it seems am most definitely in the latter category and what a great boon it is to seeing what I shouldn't!! I was round at Sara's the other day doing my usual good neighbourly act of fixing some electrical appliance in her living room when she returned from a a shopping trip with Megan, who it turns out is the daughter of a great friend of Sara's. They came into the living room and sat on the sofa with a cup of coffee each and started to chat. Almost immediately Sara had a hand up her skirt adjusting her lacy edged slip and Megan revealed she was wearing lacy topped white stockings when she crossed her legs. The real excitement started however when they got out their purchases and started to talk about them. They had been shopping for underwear!! Black and white French knickers were brought out of bags and held up for examination. Oh woweee!! This was seventh heaven! Then Sara suggested that Megan tried on her new slip. Sara helped her hoist her skirt, remove her slip and try on the new one. Then delving into a bag Megan brought out Sara's purchase of satin white French Knickers and helped her on with them. My heart was in serious danger of going into permanent overload by this time but there was more to come as Sara tried on a new slip. At this point my mental state was on the border of collapse and I must have started muttering incoherently as they both suddenly looked up and glared at me. What followed will have to wait until next week!


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Megan and Sara go Shopping 2


I shrivelled up on the floor from the look I got from them both but I was stopped from making a quick life saving dive through the window by the glint I caught in the corner of Sara's eye and she whispered something in Megan's ear which had them both creased up with laughter. I wasn't really sure whether that was a good sign or not but Megan slid down into the couch and started to hitch her skirt up so I guessed I was probably safe. I might have been, but my heart was in for another severe test as Sara lifted Megan's skirt then her slip so that I could look right up to Megan's delightful knickers. Megan then very slowly undid her blouse and showed off her bra whilst Sara's hand felt its way up Megan's thigh!! Megan then very kindly (!!!) returned the favour by undoing Sara's dress right the way down so I could feast my eyes on her bra and the new white French knickers which she was now wearing. My god with these two slouched on the sofa showing me all their underwear I was just in seventh heaven and as a finale Megan stood up, Sara knelt beside her and lifted her skirt first examining her slip and then raising both so I could admire the curves of Megan's gorgeous rear.

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Megan waits  

Poor bored Megan, having to idle away a while waiting while I had the opportunity of looking at her fine underwear! She sat on the settee and sorted through her handbag and this gave her tartan skirt a chance to fall away from her legs and me a chance to view her lacy hemmed slip in comfort! She sorted through her bag, adjusted her bra straps and lifted her legs onto the sofa giving me the chance to feast my eyes on her bra, slip, stocking tops and knickers. It was when she had her feet on the sofa, her knees raised and her wrap over skirt fell away from her legs that she realised I was staring. Well, wouldn’t you? Something approaching a tigers growl escaped from her and I thought I might find how sharp her claws were but I needn't have worried. The moment passed and her little devil coaxed her into giving me a delightful display although when I was lying on the floor staring straight up her skirt and she raised her foot and aimed it in my direction I did have some doubts!



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