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 I'm getting old, or at least every one else is getting younger. I was recommended to a new accountant who had recently set up a practice at home so being in need of some advice I arranged an appointment expecting to see some old spinster. What a pleasant shock I got when I walked in on Melissa. She was dressed in a crisp white stripped blouse and a knee length black pleated skirt and as soon as she sat down I could see that she was wearing a lacy slip and stockings and suspenders. She got up from the chair to look for some information and bent almost double over a cupboard door. My chin nearly hit the floor as her skirt rode right up giving me uninterrupted views of her knicker gusset. Oh, the diamond shape that those white knickers took between her legs was divine. Still looking for the piece of paper she needed she squatted down next to a low drawer and gave me 2 marvellous minutes looking straight up her skirt and with her knees drifting apart I could clearly see the little motifs on her knickers as well as the very lacy slip hem. She then sat down again and, concentrating on the problem I had given her, she idly scratched her leg and fiddled with her shirt buttons. I didn't think things could get better but she then stood up and leant forward over her work station which meant there was a large gap between her legs and the back of her skirt. I just had to see up there so dropped my papers and crawled on the floor gathering them up and looking into heaven up that skirt!!! When she sat down again her legs were slightly apart and I was so turned on I couldn't move. My stare gave me away and she realised what I was doing, was obviously disgusted and covered herself up. BUT, was there a hint of that little devil in her glance?? Next week will tell...


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Melissa figures it out (2)
So how many accountants do you know that are this much fun? I have no idea what my bill will be but to tell you the truth I don't care. I'm not sure whether my problem was solved or not - I cant remember, what I do know is that I left Melissa with the biggest smile on my face I can ever remember having! I was wrong about there being a little hint of the devil in her glance, he was up and rampant!!! She started off by lifting her skirt while in her chair and teasing me with glimpses of her slip and knickers Then whilst staring into my eyes she unbuttoned her shirt and left her bra on display. I grovelled on the floor looking up between her legs staring at the crotch of her knickers while she sat on the chair. Melissa then covered her knickers with her hand as if to indicate she was shy (!!!!!!). I backed off a bit and then she beckoned me over and first pulled her bra forward so I could admire her gorgeous nipples and then did the same with her knickers and I found myself inches away from the most delightful trimmed bush. She then abruptly stood up and I thought the show was over but, no, she leant against her worktop and pulled up first her skirt, so I could admire her slip and then that too so I could drool over her knickers. Then teasingly she turned her back on me and did the same again so I could look and wonder at her most exquisite bum. Then finally turning round to face me she put her hands up her skirt and slowly pulled her knickers down and off. Holding them in one hand and with me now a quivering wreck lying on the floor she walked over towards me with a wicked smile on her lips and a gleam in her eye............


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Melissa's Wedding  
When I got a call to act as chauffeur for Melissa at her wedding I had very mixed emotions. Really sad  because I would just have loved to have married her myself and as excited as hell at the thought of seeing her in a wedding dress. All that virgin white flowing material, loads of lace and always the wonder as to what the bride wears underneath. Well I was going to do my best to find out the answer to that question! I arrived early (of course!!) and found Melissa sitting demurely on the sofa sipping a glass of champagne. The dress was gorgeous, lots of lace and off the shoulder so I wandered around to get a peek down her top and spotted her white bra lurking. She was obviously nervous and kept fiddling with the dress pulling it this way and that and then noticed a spot on her shoe and in taking that off gave me a gorgeous glimpse right up the dress to view her lacy white knickers. Sight of her white lacy stocking tops soon followed and as she leant forward the view of her cleavage would have quickened the heart of a dead man! She then started to adjust her stockings, wedding day nerves seeming to have meant that she was totally overlooking my presence. Then she stood up, smoothed out the dress and on sitting down again she hitched the skirt up to her knees so as not to let it drag on the floor and started to apply a little more makeup seemingly unaware that I was getting the view of a lifetime of her knickers. How long can this continue I wondered before the curtain comes down................(Next update in a couple of days)



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Melissa's Wedding 2


I thought I might be living on borrowed time in seeing what I was seeing but I intended to enjoy the view of  every last thread of Melissa's underwear. She now had her feet up on the sofa, still putting the final touches to her lipstick and letting my eyes feast on her knickers and layers of underskirt. The champagne was still sliding down and putting down her compact she started to fiddle with her bra, adjusting the cups over those beautiful ample breasts. Having done this and finally checking her hair in her hand mirror she got up and again started to smooth out her dress pulling the hem up to her waist to check that her suspenders were straight. (I can confirm they were!!!) She then squatted down to pick up her glass and I took the opportunity of standing over her and looking down that magnificent cleavage, drooling over those twin orbs. Melissa suddenly glanced up and saw where I was looking before I had a chance to avert my gaze. I'm not sure that she focused on me too well because of the champagne but well enough to realise what I was up to. She stared at me in a disbelieving manner and muttered something about dirty old men but having smoothed down her dress and taken yet another sip of champagne the glint appeared in the corner of her eye. Where was this going to end I wondered, surely a bride on her way to the church was not going to show off her charms to her driver?     (Next and final part by the end of the week)


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Melissa's Wedding 3


So, Melissa lifted her feet on to the sofa, hoisting the hem of her skirt up to her knees and still sipping champagne, (probably more than a bride that was on her way to church should), gave me various views up her bridal gown. Then, with that naughty glint in her eye she held the neckline of her dress and slowly pulled both the dress and her bra down to reveal a mouth watering nipple. After that her hand strayed down to her knickers and fingers darted in and out of them teasing me but before letting everything come into view she kneeled up on the sofa, turned her back on me and hoisted the gown up to her waist letting  my eyes feast on her rounded cheeks and the tight thong which disappeared between her legs. This was followed by her standing up giving me her can-can dancers impression and I began to get seriously worried as to whether she would make the church!! Then, suggesting that I might get a better view if I got down on my knees and still continuing to revive herself with more champagne she came and stood over me eventually collapsing onto the sofa leaving me with the unenviable job of reviving her and getting her to the church!!! (Any suggestions??)


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Melissa Takes a Tea Break
I wasn't sure that Melissa would ever speak to me again after the wedding as I'm sure she blamed me for letting her get tipsy before the ceremony but I called round to her house on the pretext of wanting to clear up a small tax problem to see what the score was. She was quite frosty to me and just carried on with her washing up and tidying but that was fine with me because she had on a nice summery dress which gave me ample opportunity of admiring her gorgeous cleavage and in my usual fashion I kept dropping things to take the chance of peeking up her skirt which revealed a very deep lacy hem on her slip and white lacy top stockings to say nothing of her knickers!! (Proved to be a thong in the end) She then decided to have a cup of tea and a bun but still really ignored me. Hmm, well in that case I'll just keep staring I thought, and stare I did as she crossed and uncrossed her legs, perched them on another chair and generally permitted my eyes to drink in all her lacy lingerie. In the end though she realised what I was doing and the frosty temperature dropped another 10 degrees but then thanks to my dear old friend, the little devil she couldn't resist putting her book down and giving me a handsome show of her underwear.

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Melissa's Anniversary Present


Its amazing the way time flys. I really couldn't believe it was well over a year since Melissa got married and I had had that incredibly sexy time viewing her underwear under her bridal gown. Given the problems of that day I was even more surprised to be invited to her late anniversary bash. Mind you she had asked that I go in the afternoon to help her clear up ready for the evening. Not that I minded but I had anticipated that she would be dressed for cleaning - jeans and such but when I arrived and caught her coming down the stairs I realised that things were looking up! Well, I was anyway!!!! She was in a knitted dress that buttoned right the way down the front and was fairly short and so gave me an immediate eyeful of her stocking clad thighs and white lacy knickers. No slip by the look of it but given that the dress buttoned at the front I thought I might get a chance to see her knickers through a gap and so it proved!! I started moving the furniture around whilst she did a bit of tidying up which included picking up a pile of magazines which she started to glance at and sat down to flick through. I might have felt a bit miffed at being left doing the work but the sight that she unintentionally was giving me more than made up for the work I was doing. I shan't describe it in detail, you just look, but I have to say she has one of the finest natural cleavages I have had the honour to stare at! It was after she had noticed that a button on her dress about level with her knickers had come undone that I was undone!! She started to do it up and I think I groaned at losing the sight of it! However after the initial usual swearing her little devil reminded her what a help I was being and she gave me a little anniversary present!

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Melissa's solves a problem
Aah, what it is to have tax problems! For most people a nightmare but for me this  cloud certainly has a silver lining in that it means I have to go and see  Melissa! We met informally in her sitting room and she sat on her sofa with her laptop concentrating on the figures and the problem I had landed in her lap. (Wouldn't have minded landing other things in her lap either!!) As she concentrated on the figures she idly started to fiddle with her stocking tops and suspenders and crossing and uncrossing her legs gave me the perfect opportunity of looking up between them to spy on her underwear. The dark seamed stockings were delicious as was the slip she was wearing and when she squatted down to extract some papers from her briefcase I was treated to the most memorable view of her french knickers. This however was my undoing and she spotted my stare but I convinced her that I desperately needed something to take my mind of the tax problem so she kindly obliged!!

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Melissa irons her slips
Walking into Melissa's kitchen the other day I found her bending forward looking into a cupboard so wasted no time in getting a quick look up her skirt. Sure enough, true to form she was wearing stockings, a white slip and full white knickers which I fully enjoyed looking at. She then set up her ironing board and I caught a few glimpses of her bra strap through her sleeveless blouse. Squatting down she started to sort through her ironing and I feasted my eyes on the array of slips which she was holding up. As she stood up she obviously had a problem with her knickers and put her hands up her skirt to sort it out which was quite interesting to watch!! She then bent down again to pick up a slip and I tried to steal another look up her skirt but she suddenly turned round and saw me. She aimed her foot at me and as I tried to avoid the impact I fell on my back and she came and stood next to me and berated me for being a pervert. It took a little while for her to realise that I wasn't listening but looking straight up her skirt and admiring her knickers but the little devil decided to put in an appearance at that time and she smiled sweetly and let me see a whole lot more!

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Meeting Melissa again  
I needed to discuss various  financial implications with my accountant. I must be the only Client in the world who wishes he could spend more on accountancy fees but any excuse to sit in Melissa's office was a sought after prize! I wasn't disappointed either. When I entered her office I caught her by surprise bending over in a corner finding her shoes. Her dress was long and pleated but I suspected it was hiding some really frilly underwear and hoped that I would soon find out. I did. She sat down and swung round to get a file out of a cupboard and her knees drifted well apart and from my vantage point I could see right up her skirt, admiring her white lacy slip and stocking tops on the way to drinking in the view of her knickers which were the sheerest I had ever seen her in. As the meeting progressed I realised that her top was incredibly loose and afforded the most sublime views of her lacy bra without much effort. I suspect that was why she was wearing the scarf, to try and hide more, but it didn't really work. She became engrossed in the figures we were discussing and absentmindedly started adjusting her stocking top and even got up and re fastened her suspender. It was as she sat down and pulled her top together that she spotted me ogling at her and I got the usual nasty comment and look. There was however soon a smile on her lips and in her eyes and I wondered just how far she would be tempted. Smiling she sat on the floor and pulled her legs up towards herself and fixed her eyes on mine as is daring me not to look up her skirt. There was no way I could resist. Melissa then sat on a work top and the next minute or two are probably the happiest of my life!!! Her legs spread wide, her skirt falling away from her legs and those sheer, those oh so sheer knickers on full view. Those knickers were tied at the side and when she undid one of the bows...........


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