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Michelle teases me  
I'm not sure that I wasn't the victim this time! Mind you being this sort of victim has a lot going for it but I think Michelle had sussed me as soon as I entered the room but was just not letting on. There was something about her manner, not looking at me but knowing I was there. Not that it worried me, especially when she dropped her pen and got down on her hands and knees to look for it under the desk. There was a gaping hole in her unbuttoned blouse which enabled me to know that her underwear was black and the injudicious crossing of legs let me know that she was wearing seamed stockings with the most marvellous metal clasped suspenders holding them up! She fiddled around with those suspenders for a while and took off her coat, adjusted her bra strap and let me see more of her underwear, including, when she propped a leg on an open desk drawer, an uninterrupted view up to her knickers. It was then that she appeared to notice me for the first time and pretended shock horror but very quickly stated quite categorically that I was in danger of losing important parts of my anatomy if  I didn't get down on the floor and follow her instructions. As her instructions involved looking intently up her skirt I was hardly going to refuse!!


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Michelle takes off


But what does she take off? Getting help with claiming grants from the government is not something I would have thought of as being Michelle's strong point but I was told by a friend that she had a way of getting money from our masters so I thought I would ask if she would help. Not that the meeting would be a complete disaster even if I didn't get any further with my claim , I could always look back on it as a further chance of admiring her underwear as I was sure after our last encounter that I would certainly be seeing something worthwhile. She was already pouring over the forms when I got there and sitting at her desk with a short tight office suit on and a split up the side of the skirt showing a hint of stocking top and a slip hem made me quite happy!!! Whether she knew what she was showing or whether it was totally accidental I don't know but either way it was stretching my powers of concentration on the information going into the form to the limit and by the time she acknowledged that my attention was elsewhere than on the matter in hand I had ceased to care! Perhaps the fee I had offered her to help was too large but she was certainly very forthcoming in letting me see her gorgeous underwear!



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Michelle's going out  
Michelle actually phoned and asked me to give her and a friend a lift to a garden party she was going to (she knows a lot of well connected people!) and I was hardly likely to refuse as if she was dressing in the same way that she had for the christening I took her to, I guessed I was in for a pleasant afternoon. Mind you the weather was appalling. It looked more like December outside the window but it was warm enough inside when I saw how Michelle was dressed. I must learn to thank her friend sometime for never being on time as it gave me plenty of opportunities of seeing what gorgeous underwear lay lurking under that full skirt of hers. The metal clasps on her suspenders were certainly something that I admired but even though I tried hard I was pretty unsuccessful at seeing down the front of her dress. Still no complaints really at what was on view and when she eventually realised what I was up to she barely took breath before asking if I would like to see more!!!

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