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Mrs Crawford has a drink
There is a saying about not s........ on ones own doorstep and looking up the skirt of your next door neighbour does, I suspect come under that heading but what the hell, when the chance arises I'm not one to ignore it! Mrs Crawford and her husband have lived next door to me for quite a while and although I have often been round there and they to mine I've never really got the chance to see what sort of underwear the lady wears. Not that I haven't thought about it, the chance had never arisen. All that changed the other week when I popped in to borrow some sugar (oh yeh??? I hear you cry!). She was sitting on the sofa apparently reading but it soon became obvious that she was, shall we say, a little the worse for wear. (I was later to find out that she had been to some do at her husbands firm). What an opportunity though. She was really careless the way she was sitting and I soon realised that she was wearing seamed stockings. Moving around as she was gave me the chance to see most of what she had on under her suit and when she struggled to get her glass up from the floor her legs parted and I fully enjoyed the view of her full knickers. However even in her state she managed to realise what I was up to but the initial reaction soon gave was to a pleasant tour of her lingerie and a little more!!!!!!


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Mrs Crawford's hat
It seems popping in to my next door neighbours coincides with Mrs Crawford being dressed up to go out and here she was ready to go to a christening but waiting around for her husband to return from somewhere (I should care where, it meant I had a chance to see if I could spot some underwear) I cant even remember why I popped round but there she was sitting idling away the time reading a Cd cover! Her feet were propped up on a stool in front of the chair and I soon got the opportunity to see up her skirt and admire the slip underneath. She spent quite a while adjusting the slip and then moved on o her bra straps and that left her blouse open just a little so I managed to spot the lacy top of her slip and underneath a red and black bra (or basque??). She then put her legs over the arm of her chair and her skirt rucked up exposing her stocking tops to my gaze. It was then that she noticed me and genuinely appeared shocked (I think she probably didn't remember the previous occasion due to the drink!) and I wondered whether it had been such a good idea doing this to my next door neighbour. However that little devil got to work and I received a close up view of her underwear including her black French knickers


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