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Following last weeks site visit with Melissa I had to convince the local council that my plans were a good idea so I thought I would visit each of them at their homes before the meeting to try and get them on board. there was one woman on the planning committee a Mrs Sutton and I had heard that she was a bit of a dragon when it came to letting development take place so I approached her front door with some trepidation. She gave me a curt welcome, took my brochure and sat herself at her dining table and started to read through it. By the look on her face my initial thoughts were that she had already made up her mind to vote against it so I thought, what the hell I might as well make the best of a bad job and see if I can get some decent glimpses of her underwear. So, opps there goes my pen onto the floor!! Hey, from under the table I could see she had on stockings and a white slip and white knickers. As I stood up she was leaning over to adjust her shoe and I was rewarded with a view down her cleavage to her bra. she then dropped her glasses (perhaps I have something contagious!) and squatted down to pick them up improving my view up to her knickers immeasurably. As she sat back down and swung her legs round under the table they parted and enabled me to drink in the view of her private underwear. My stare was too hard and too long though and she realised what I was doing. to my relief though my little friend was in overdrive and i was treated to a new side of the planning committees dragon!


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Mrs Sutton Party's
I hadn't bumped into Mrs Sutton since I had to go round and sort out my planning permission so it was a pleasant surprise when I discovered that she had been invited to a reception I had to attend. I normally hate these formal affairs but when I spotted her wandering around the house we were in away from the rest of the gathering I decided that perhaps the evening would not be a complete disaster. She was obviously as bored as I was and sat down on the sofa thinking, by the look of it, to see how she could escape our rather boring hosts. I hoped she remained there a long time as I could see from the small gap between her knees that she was wearing stockings and I hoped that I might be lucky enough to spot a lot more. At one stage she sat down on the floor and drew her knees up towards her and that gave me the chance to see her knickers. No slip but then with the cocktail dress she was wearing I hardly expected it. When she saw me looking I really didn't have too much cause for alarm as I felt certain she was looking for a way to liven up the evening and so it proved!


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Mrs Sutton tidies up  
Another load of my time spent grubbing round on a kitchen floor! When will I learn not to volunteer to help with other peoples problems? Probably when I stop enjoying the views it affords me I guess! Mrs Sutton had some sort of leak. While I was crawling round on the floor she was tidying up around the kitchen and giving me wonderful opportunities of glimpsing up her skirt and down her blouse. It got especially interesting when she squatted down by the dishwasher and when she climbed onto a chair to get something out of a high cupboard!


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