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Natasha got her loan from her very friendly bank manager, Nikki, and we all got invited round to a party to celebrate the new extension. It was a typical British summers day, cloudy and cold so most guests stayed indoors but Nikki ventured out into the garden and I followed. She sat on a chair and idly viewed the garden sipping her drink and being the type of guy I am I started looking up her skirt and was rewarded with sight of a silky white slip that came even more into view when Nikki examined the hem of her dress and even more so when she crossed her legs and put her ankle on a knee whilst she adjusted her shoe. Having now seen that she was wearing stockings and white knickers I wanted a closer view so when she uncrossed her legs and failed to keep her knees together I dropped a crisp I was eating and bent down right in front of her to look up that cavern of a gap between her legs. She couldn't fail to notice what I was doing but I didn't care. Sure enough she reacted by pulling her skirt down and doing her blouse up (Mmm forgot to mention the glimpse I'd had of her bra hadn't I?) Not that I had long to wait for the little devil to surface though and there followed a display of Nikki's underwear that had my heart beating at double speed, especially when she put one foot up on the edge of the table and started to pull her knickers aside......


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Coffee for Two


Round at Natasha's the other day I coincided with a visit from Nikki, her bank manager calling to see how the remaining renovation work on the cottage was going. God what a beautiful combination. There was Natasha in a calf length full skirt with (I quickly discovered) a white satin lacy slip underneath and Nikki in a mid thigh mini skirt with stocking tops peeking out from its hem. I grovelled around on the kitchen floor on some pretext or another and peeked up both skirts. Couldn't see If Natasha had stockings on but it didn't take a lot of effort to see the lacy tops of Nikki's stockings or the suspenders that were holding them up and when she dropped the tea towel she was drying the cups with she was most unladylike and let her knees part to reveal her white knickers. After drying the cups and making the coffee they adjourned to the dining room to drink it and sitting at the table with legs crossed gave me ample opportunity of studying legs, knickers and stocking tops. When Natasha stood up and leaned across the table to pick up a note her blouse fell away and a delicious view of her bra started to make me feel very, er, mmm, well, excited!! It was while I was staring over Nikki's shoulder at Natasha's white lacy bra that she spotted me and gave me a most unladylike upright finger. She swore and said to Nikki what a dirty old man she thought I was and the look on Nikki's face confirmed that she agreed. Somehow though I knew that my little old friend would soon fight his way to the surface and sure enough soon both lady's were opening their legs and letting me admire their underwear and much more (but that will have to wait for the next update)


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Coffee for Two (2)


So where did I leave this delectable pair? Nikki was just starting to take a close look at Natasha's underwear I believe, especially her satin slip. She pushed her hand up under the slip and I can only guess at what her fingers were doing but Natasha's expression said it all!! The two wanton women let their hands run over each others bodies and teased me unmercifully. How far they would have gone if I hadn't been there I do not know but the show that they delighted me with was one I shall remember for a long long time!


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Sunday Afternoon with Natasha & Nikki


Cant actually remember why I got invited round to Natasha's and Nikki's, I think probably they wanted someone to do the driving when they went out with their boyfriends, but luckily for me the boyfriends seemed a lot more interested in staying in the pub for their lunchtime drink leaving the two girls totally bored at home. The two really were fed up, sitting on the sofa, munching sweets and idly trying to think of something to do. This idleness got them fiddling with each others skirt hems and that led on to much more interesting fiddling with slips, bras and even hands into knickers!! I sat still not wanting to stop what was developing but inevitably Natasha became aware of my presence but was obviously so fed up that she really didn't care and the girls certainly made my Sunday afternoon anything but boring...


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