Rebecca's Page  
I had not been looking forward to this day. We were due a visit from the VAT man (Sort of IRS for our non UK friends!) to look at our books and it was always stressful, some small minded officious man trawling through our records. Well things looked a lot brighter as soon as Miss Rebecca was shown into my office. Young, pretty and in a dark suit and white blouse. Mmm, I wondered, would there be any chance of a view down that. As soon as she sat down I caught site of a lacy slip and a loose button gave me an excellent view of her lacy bra. Having got some basic information she bent down to open her briefcase and squatting in front of it I could see right up her skirt. Hold ups by the look of it and knickers to match her bra. I had to leave the office for a bit and was hit in the face by the sight when I returned. She was deeply engrossed and had propped a leg on an open desk draw and was giving the most gorgeous view of her underwear. She quickly crossed her legs and then asked me to look at some figures. I got a quick view up her skirt as I picked some papers off the floor and as she lent across the desk I stared down her blouse and admired her cleavage. Unfortunately this was when she spotted me. Hell, I thought, this will cost me a packet.  She looked really upset and I was about to apologise when I caught that look in the corner of her eye, so I waited and sure enough that little devil began to work his magic......


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Rebecca Returns  
I must be the only guy in the country who actually looked forward to the VAT inspector returning. On leaving last time Rebecca had told me she needed to have a closer look at one or two things and would return. I thought well there's one or two things I'd like to have a closer look at too and eagerly awaited her visit. I was bowled over when I saw her outfit, white blouse, long blue pleated skirt and a white satin slip which peaked through where her skirt buttoned up. She put her case on a chair and leant forward to get her glasses out and I rushed around so I could both look up her skirt and down her blouse and although I didn't do too well down her blouse I got a gorgeous view of her slip disappearing up her skirt. She went and sat down at the desk and all I could see was a little bit of slip hem but then she got up went to her briefcase and squatted down to get out some papers. Oh my what a view!! Right up her skirt, past her black stocking tops to her delicious knickers. Back at her desk she crossed her legs giving me a mind blowing view of her stocking tops and then fiddled with her blouse button causing it to come undone and letting me drool over her bra. Then she saw me. She covered herself up and glared. What the little devil made her do next has given me sleepless nights since. (I'll show you on a special mid week update!)


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Rebecca Returns Part 2  
So there she was, glaring at me. I just knew though that the little devil would get the upper hand but even though there was a slight smile on her face I wondered what she had in store for me as she got up and came round to the other side of the desk. She leant against the desk and then put one foot up on a chair giving me the most delightful view of her slip and a hint of stocking tops and then put the other foot up on another chair. I think I've still got the bruise on my chin from when it hit the floor! A totally unrestricted view up her skirt to her most sexy, sensual, knickers was what I was drooling over. I managed to splutter to her that her slip was slightly caught up on one side so she slid off the desk and put her hands up her skirt to adjust it, then got back on the desk and started to tease me unmercifully by unbuttoning her blouse a little and lifting her skirt so I could examine her knickers and suspender belt more closely. She then ushered me away, slid off the desk, put her hands up her skirt and slowly removed her knickers.........


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Sara and Rebecca Party  
Christmas? Bah! Humbug! as far as I'm concerned - except it provides the most wonderful time to get beautiful views of ladies underwear as they wear the most fantastic clothes and as the drink starts to flow their inhibitions start to loosen, even without the aid of the little devil! When I turned up at this party and found both Sara and my little VAT inspector there I knew I was in for an erotic time. They were sitting on a sofa and chatting away taking absolutely no notice of me wandering around. Sara's dress was hiding very little of her legs and black stocking tops and suspenders were clearly on view. Rebecca was also wearing stockings and suspenders as she revealed when she smoothed a stocking out whilst Sara got some more drinks. The chat continued when she returned as did the leg show with Sara affording me the opportunity of seeing right up to her knickers. Then Sara moved up close to Rebecca and put an arm around her and both ladies were giving me the most delicious view of stocking tops when they spotted me. I wasn't too worried and I didn't need to be. A smile quickly appeared on both ladies faces and Sara whispered something in Rebecca's ear. Rebecca beckoned me over and as I approached she pulled the top of Sara's dress away from her body so I could look down and see her nipples. Sara then returned the compliment by first lifting up the hem of Rebecca's dress and showing me her knickers and then pulling her dress down to expose a delightful breast. This really got the ladies excited (me too come to that!!) and they started to cuddle each other and reveal more. They then stood up and facing me both removed their knickers in the most teasing way. Wow what a Christmas present! (Don't forget to check out the video of this!)



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Rebecca's Job Interview


We recently decided to start a new company and who should walk through the door as one of the applicants for the vacancy to run it but Rebecca, tired of her work at the local VAT Office. I had organised my Manager to do the interview while I just sat in on it, so I took the opportunity of dropping my pen when Rebecca leant over the desk to shake his hand to check on her underwear. I immediately confirmed she was wearing stockings and a black lacy slip! We hadn't got very far with the interview when my Manager was called out and Rebecca idled away the time first by lifting her foot and taking a shoe off, then crouching down and checking her chair and then by raising her skirt and adjusting her slip and suspenders!!! I obviously don't have a commanding presence because I'm sure she had forgotten all about me in the corner or I would not have seen the delicious things I did. In all that moving around her top button had come undone and I now had a view of her shiny black bra but it was also my undoing as she saw me staring. Her initial reaction was to scowl, and button up but a smile soon emerged and she started to open her legs. "I really would like this job" she  said. She was definitely going the right way about getting it, especially after she raised her skirt to her waist and I realised she had on loose legged black lacy French Knickers. I was in a complete daze as she eventually buttoned up and asked if she had the job. I replied I had not decided so she suggested that I should lie on the floor while I thought about it and she came and stood over me, eventually bending forward and asking if I now had decided. What do you think? Should I employ her?


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Rebecca has to Wait  
The new company we had started involved giving tours around local historical sites and Rebecca was really doing well. I'm the boss and normally I give the rises but it was Rebecca that was usually giving me the rise!! This day was no exception. She was due to be taking a coach load of tourists around a local castle but the coach had been delayed and she had to sit around the office and wait for it. Luckily for me she decided to sit on the desk and read a newspaper. The dress she was wearing (see Seymour's Scribbles) had the most delicious top as it gave the opportunity for the most enticing views down her cleavage and the swell of her exquisite breasts was readily evident. Moving her legs around as she did confirmed that she was wearing a black lacy slip with a red suspender belt and black knickers. She put her feet up on a chair and this gave me a further chance to examine her stocking tops but as she went to get up from the desk she spotted me. She pulled her dress tightly to her but my little friend soon came to my aid and her soft smile told me that I was going to hope that the coach never arrived!!


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Rebecca reads the report  
Rebecca has been working for me for well over a year now and I felt it time that I discussed the overall situation of the Company with her as she was proving such an asset. Besides which it was a while since I had had a chance to catch a glimpse up her skirt so thought I could fix up the meeting in such a way that I would be able to rectify that. So I arranged to meet her in a hotel lounge and got the seating organised so that she would be on a rather low chaise. I gave her the report to study and this gave me ample opportunity of looking up her skirt. She was wearing a very long grey skirt and white blouse and the skirt hung down behind her legs touching the floor and her slip hung down leaving the hem on display. The stocking tops too were quite visible even though Rebecca had her skirt over her knees. Still reading the report she took her shoes off and swung her feet up on to the chaise and straightened out her dress giving me wonderful views right up to her full white knickers. Then swinging her legs back on to the ground she tried to adjust her suspenders without showing too much (fat chance!) and then finally she squatted down in front of the seat and I nearly passed out from the view. It was as she was getting back on to the seat that she realised my attention was where it shouldn't be but then as I am her boss I suppose she couldn't be too angry!!!!


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Rebecca cleans up  
Caught young Rebecca at home the other day giving the house a good going over!!! I think she actually knew what I was up to when she was cleaning the stairs as although her legs were spread apart the way she sat meant that I had great trouble in trying to spot anything under her skirt. I'm sure she was teasing me. Anyway I got my own back when she started dusting the coffee table and I received the most amazing cleavage view not to mention the view up her legs when she crouched down to continue polishing. After a while she stopped for a rest and it was when she decided to adjust her suspender that she obviously felt I was making it obvious as to what I was doing so she decided to react and then went through the charade of stomping off upstairs in a huff. But half way up she relented and let me feast my eyes on her underwear.


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Rebecca on the phone again  
I called round to Rebecca's house again to chase up some information she had promised me but she did not have it to hand and was waiting for a phone call to be able to pass on the facts. As you know I don't mind hanging around waiting when there is the possibility of some underwear sightings and so I was quite happy to take a seat on the other side of the room and bide my time. Rebecca got out her compact and started to check her make up and I took that opportunity to take a quick glimpse down her blouse and saw what looked like a very lacy bra lurking. She then started to idly check her shoe strap and that involved crossing her legs and I enjoyed the ensuing view of her slip and stocking tops. When the pnone call came she got engrossed in the conversation and totally forgot about me, at least I assume she did as she ran her hand up her leg, pushing her skirt higher and higher until she was adjusting her suspender in full view of my gloating eyes!! She eventually spotted me after the phone call and when she was squatting on the floor rummaging in her handbag. What happened next? Have a look and see!


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