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Sally's computer literate
It is true you know - men never read instruction books but women do. I was asked to pop round to a near neighbour to check out the electrical sockets for a new computer she had bought and I was amazed to find her totally engrossed in reading the instructions!!! Mind you I was immediately aware that this had some side benefits for me. As I crawled around on the floor examining the socket my eyes strayed to the delectable legs that were only inches away and my concentration was severely strained by the hem of slip that was on view and the stocking tops I could see lurking. Sally fiddled with her suspender a little bit and generally moved around giving me tantalising glimpses of her underwear and then she got off her chair to examine a leg to see if it was loose. As she crouched down next to it I was treated to a view right up her skirt ending in lacy white knickers. As she stood up though she spotted my gaze and quickly buttoned up and smoothed down her skirt. However her little devil was in close attendance and it didn't take long for her to be showing me all of her delicious underwear.

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Sally goes shopping  
As is my habit in helping out neighbours I was sorting out a problem for Sally in her kitchen whilst she was out shopping and when she returned she had obviously forgotten I was there as she sat on the sofa to examine her purchases of a whole load of slips. I watched quietly from the doorway as she looked at each in turn and then really held my breath as she tried one on. It  was as she sat down and hitched her skirt up to adjust her stocking tops that she suddenly became aware of my presence. Hey ho I thought another slap round the face, but I crossed my fingers, called up my little red friend and sure enough a smile appeared on Sally's face and she treated me to a little show!



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