Sandy's Page
I went round to my friends house to pick him up to go out for a drink. He hadn't arrived home but his wife invited me in to wait. She wasn't very talkative and just sat on the sofa opposite me and drank her coffee and read a magazine. Mind you I wasn't bored. Her white top was showing a nice cleavage and although her skirt was long, down to her ankles, her black stockings (or tights) set off her ankles very nicely and I thought if that's all I've got to look at I might as well make the best of it. But it didn't stay that dull for long. She seemed to have some irritation on her foot and she lifted it slightly to scratch it, which gave me a quick glimpse up that long, long skirt and I caught sight of a delicious stocking top and a oh so silky white slip. When she had finished attending to her foot her skirt was rucked up slightly and left the slip hem on clear display. She then crossed and uncrossed her legs a couple of times giving me ample chances to drool over her slip although I didn't catch sight of her stocking tops again. She then idly started fingering her blouse buttons and I got up and wandered around for a better view and, praise be, she managed to let the button come undone exposing a shiny black bra cup. It was then that she caught sight of me, glared and as I sat down again she covered herself up. Almost instantly though a little smile crossed her face and the look in her eyes said "I know what you want to see" - and she showed me!!!!!


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Witnessing Sandy 
I got a phone call from Sandy asking if I would go round and witness her signature on a document. Who was I to refuse the possibility of seeing up her skirt again? When I arrived she was in the kitchen making coffee and I wasted no time in bending down while she was busy to see what was under her short skirt. Wow, yes, rather delectable stockings. She then went upstairs to get the document for me to sign and managed to drop it on her way down which gave me another opportunity of seeing her stocking tops. She then sat at her computer and checked a few things in the paper and I checked a few things up her skirt!!! It was while I was drooling at the sight of her white suspender clasp that she spotted me. Come on little devil I thought, get her to give me a show like last time. Turned out that he was in a much naughtier mood today and Sandy immediately told me to lie on the floor and she walked across the room and stood over me. Smiling she went back to her chair and opened her legs and her hand disappeared inside her knickers. Wow this was a show and a half but there was better to come. She stood up again and still looking me straight in the eye put her hands up her skirt and when they reappeared she had  her knickers coming off. She then started walking towards me again. Hell, was she going to stand right over me?............


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Sandy wants to go Shopping  
I said this site would be a Christmas free zone but unfortunately that didn't get me out of being asked to help Sandy with her Christmas shopping. Mind you, as you will see, it did have its up side!! I got round to her place and she was ready and said she just wanted to check she had everything. I'm glad she did. In sitting down I got a very pleasant view up her skirt as her knees drifted apart while she placed her bag on the floor. Then totally ignoring me she adjusted her stocking tops and straightened out her slip. Her stockings were hold ups but with the most delightful lacy tops. I also managed a quick peek at her bra through an open blouse but then got spotted. Oh well I suppose its off to the shops now I thought but no that little devil and the Christmas spirit meant that Sandy then started to show me every stitch of her slip and knickers and then her fingers started to wander into those knickers. After that she pulled her bra out and let me feast my eyes on her gorgeous nipples by which time I was more than happy that I had offered to help her shop.


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Sandy the Business Executive
I hadn't seen Sandy since I helped her with her Christmas shopping so when she called and asked if I could help mend her hi fi unit I was more than eager to help. She said to let myself in if she was not be home from work when I arrived, which I did. The problem with the hi fi was simple, a blown fuse, but I wasn't rushing off anywhere! I wanted to wait for Sandy to come home and see if I could look right up her skirt again at her delectable underwear. When she did arrive she took my breath away, dressed as she was in a grey business suit with a white blouse and tan stockings. Very efficient looking and very unapproachable! I told her I still needed to fiddle with the hi fi and she sat down and started to do some book work. Oh my, crossing her legs revealed the laciest hem I have yet to see on her white slip and the most classic stocking tops. She kept moving around, crossing and uncrossing her legs and eventually to my joy put her legs up on the sofa, knees raised. You can imagine what the view was like! By then I had had a good look down that fantastic cleavage and seen her white bra lurking under her blouse. Then the inevitable, she spotted me but the glint in her eye was there. OK, she said, I'd better pay you for mending my hi fi. She stood up, told me to lie on the floor, and walked over and stood over me. I thought from what she had said that she meant that was all I was going to see and I have to say I would have died happy at that point but she had much more in store for me, including removing her knickers and.......(See Seymour's Scribbles for details of a sequel to this story)



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Sandy's Phone Call
It's amazing how when a woman's mind is occupied she sometimes forgets her surroundings. It was a great example the other day when I was round at Sandy's and a friend of hers phoned her. The gossip started and soon Sandy was totally absorbed by the conversation. So much so that she took no notice of me looking up her skirt. She fiddled with the hem of the skirt, put her legs up on another chair, adjusted her bra strap, examined her shoe, all actions which had me drooling over the view of her stocking tops, slip and knickers. Then she finished her call and squatted down to get something from a low drawer which not only gave me an eyeful of cleavage but a close up of her legs all the way up to her lacy knickers. This was my undoing, as, now that she was no longer preoccupied on the phone she spotted me, glared, sat down and stared hard at me. I could tell she was fighting her little devil and kept my fingers crossed that he would come out on top. And come out on top he did, encouraging Sandy to display her cleavage to me, to put her hand into her knickers, to show me her beautifully formed rear and to finally get her to remove her knickers for me!


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