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I'm obviously thought of as a very helpful chap cos when Sara (Kylie's Auntie Sarah but I put an "H" on her name and didn't I pay for it!!) decided to hold a party she asked if I could go round and help her and a friend of hers get the place ready. Who am I to refuse such a request especially when there is the hope of seeing some nice lacy slip. Well, I arrived just as Sara was putting the kettle on with her friend Jade in the kitchen. I stayed to one side and quickly spotted both ladies were wearing slips, Sara a black lacy effort under a fairly short skirt and Jade a long silky white affair under a wrap over skirt. The tidying up had meant that no one could find anything which was great as it meant both ladies doing a lot of bending and squatting which gave me the chance to confirm they were both wearing stockings and underwear that matched their slips. The two ladies were chatting away not really taking any notice of me so much so that I realised Sara had inadvertently undone a button on her blouse. I also noticed Sara had put her hand on top of Jade's. Mmm I wondered, interesting! Then to my utter delight they then started to examine each others skirts and lifted them up to look closely, giving me a golden view of what lay beneath. Jade then sat on the floor and while Sara poured the coffee peeped up her skirt. This was getting interesting!!!!! Sara joined Jade on the floor and both girls had their knees in the air giving sumptuous views of their knickers and everything else, that's when they spotted me starring at their knickers .....(What happened next will be in a special midweek update on Thursday)


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Sara and Jade (Part 2)
Having left you where Sara and Jade had just spotted me drooling over their knickers I noticed a quick glance going between them and gathered that the little devils inside were working overtime. You saw them cover themselves up but it only lasted a millisecond and they raised their legs, parted their knees and gave me a mind blowing show of their underwear. Two respectable ladies, letting me look closely at their knickers, then undoing their tops, showing every stitch of their bras, pulling them aside and offering me uninterrupted views of their beautiful breasts and nipples and then their hands started to wander. Not only over their own private domain but each others. Their own hands exploring inside their knickers and then finally, oh finally, with Jade lying on the floor staring up Sara's skirt and letting her hand explore what was hidden up there, Sara just could not resist bending over and kissing her friend.


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Sara and Rebecca Party


Christmas? Bah! Humbug! as far as I'm concerned - except it provides the most wonderful time to get beautiful views of ladies underwear as they wear the most fantastic clothes and as the drink starts to flow their inhibitions start to loosen, even without the aid of the little devil! When I turned up at this party and found both Sara and my little VAT inspector there I knew I was in for an erotic time. They were sitting on a sofa and chatting away taking absolutely no notice of me wandering around. Sara's dress was hiding very little of her legs and black stocking tops and suspenders were clearly on view. Rebecca was also wearing stockings and suspenders as she revealed when she smoothed a stocking out whilst Sara got some more drinks. The chat continued when she returned as did the leg show with Sara affording me the opportunity of seeing right up to her knickers. Then Sara moved up close to Rebecca and put an arm around her and both ladies were giving me the most delicious view of stocking tops when they spotted me. I wasn't too worried and I didn't need to be. A smile quickly appeared on both ladies faces and Sara whispered something in Rebecca's ear. Rebecca beckoned me over and as I approached she pulled the top of Sara's dress away from her body so I could look down and see her nipples. Sara then returned the compliment by first lifting up the hem of Rebecca's dress and showing me her knickers and then pulling her dress down to expose a delightful breast. This really got the ladies excited (me too come to that!!) and they started to cuddle each other and reveal more. They then stood up and facing me both removed their knickers in the most teasing way. Wow what a Christmas present! (Don't forget to check out the video of this!)


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Making the Bed
Following the Christmas party Sara and Rebecca seem to have got very close!!! I popped round to Sara's the other afternoon to find that Rebecca had just arrived and was going to stay overnight with the two of them going off to some night club. They were standing in the kitchen chatting and whilst Sara crouched down to open the cupboard to get the cups I sneaked a quick look up Rebecca' skirt to find that she was wearing a nice lacy slip. Sara's skirt was nice and short and tight and as she crouched down her stocking tops came into view. They sat down at the table and continued their chat with a lot of leg crossing and Rebecca idly fiddling with her blouse button. At one stage they both had their legs uncrossed but with the short skirts I could see right up to their knickers and it quite made my eyes crossed! We all then went upstairs to make Rebecca's bed. They didn't seem to need me but I invited myself and was rewarded with delicious views up both skirts as they walked up the stairway. Making the bed gave me another chance to look up their skirts but inevitably they spotted me. Both glared at me but Rebecca walked round to Sara on the other side of the bed and whispered something in her ear. Well, I was either going to get beaten up by the two of them or...... - Yep, the little devil was working his magic and both ladies started to roll around on the bed and then started undressing each other. I'm not sure just how friendly they are but by the look on their faces and the way they cuddled up to each other they are certainly not enemies!!!


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Nurse Sara
Every cloud has a silver lining but when I fell off my bed having been standing on it trying to change a light bulb I was not feeling too happy. Whatever I had done to my ankle it hurt like hell. I phoned my doctor from my mobile and was told that all the doctors were out but they would send round the Nurse to see if I needed hospital treatment. I told them the back door was unlocked and waited for what seemed hours in agony. Well, imagine my amazement when Sara's head appeared up the stairs. Suddenly all the pain seemed as nothing as I suddenly realised what a brilliant position I was in to look up her skirt, flat on my back on the floor! She asked a few questions about what hurt, where and then squatted down beside me to examine my ankle. She could have ripped my foot off I think and I wouldn't have noticed; my mind and eyes were locked on to the sight at the top of her legs under that nurses uniform. Hell, they do wear stockings on duty!!!. She diagnosed a bad sprain and asked to use the phone to notify the surgery to send some bandages. Luckily, for me, this involved her having to step right over me and afforded me the most uninterrupted view of her knickers. Unfortunately she noticed my eyes boring up her skirt and she intimated that perhaps I was not in enough pain which she promptly cured by putting a foot heavily on my private and personal parts!! She then relented a little and decided that perhaps she could do without the bandages and removed her belt and sitting on my legs bound my ankles together. By now I was feeling a little apprehensive but I needn't have worried as my little devilish friend battled his way to the top and Sara decided to take my mind off my pains totally by removing most of her clothes!!!!


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A Lazy Sunday
There really isn't anything like a Sunday afternoon in winter, in front of a fire, reading the papers. A perfect way to relax. Except that when one's companion is Sara its very difficult to relax when what's on view is detracting from the papers! Sitting on a low stool in front of the fire she was showing very little to start with other than a leg nicely clad in stocking but then her legs parted ever so slightly and I caught my first glimpse of her lacy stocking tops and her knickers. It got really interesting when she sat on the floor cross legged and attempted to pull her short skirt down to ensure that she didn't reveal too much. Too late I thought! It was as she was getting up from poking the fire (lucky fire!!!) that she spotted my gaze was down her cleavage but apart from the moment when she picked up the poker and threatened me with it I felt fairly confident that her little devil would be on my side, and so it proved even encouraging her to remove both her skirt and knickers and throw then at me!


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There aren't many women that enjoy ironing and I think that includes Sara but from a mans point of view watching a woman iron has certain plus points. One being able to watch as she sorts through all sorts of frilly underwear and two being able to sneak crafty peeks up her skirt and down her blouse whilst she idly thinks of more important things. Its squatting down by the laundry basket that got me going when I was round at Sara's the other day; knees slightly apart and a lacy hem of white slip hanging delicately between her thighs. Oh my what a picture! The ironing didn't progress much further though as she ended up with a iron that wasn't heating and as I was otherwise engaged she decided to check the fuse for herself. Sitting on a chair gave me further opportunity of seeing up her skirt and when she dropped the screwdriver a down blouse sighting hove into view. This was when I was spotted and the screwdriver was a very threatening weapon in her hands, I can tell you! Still a quick smile from me and a little help from her own devil and she was soon happy to let me have a closer inspection of her lingerie and I have to say to was well worth inspecting!!


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