Seymour's Scribbles

7 June

Meet the Ladies

I am planning to organise a get together to enable members to meet and probably photograph some of my good friends who have appeared on the site. Most likely this will be Sara, Rebecca, Wendy and Alice.

The ladies will be dressed as they are on the site.

The meet will be in Ipswich, Suffolk and will be held on a weekday - likely a Friday - in September.

We plan on having a large conference room to ourselves with plenty of opportunity to chat and take photographs of the Ladies. There will probably be 2 sessions, one morning 10 1 and the other afternoon 2 5 so it will be unhurried and lots of opportunities to get to know your favourite lady(ies) I must emphasise this is a social get together and photographic session Do not come with the expectation of anything else, you will be disappointed!

Depending on how the sessions go the level of posing may be up to the level you see on the site ie maximum topless.

If you are interested please drop me an e-mail to register and I can then let you have firmer details.

Each session will be limited to approx 10 12 people and will cost about 100

17 May 2004

This week's update of Michaela is her first ever in front of a camera and she feels very unsure as the reaction which her photographs may bring. I'm sure that she will be a hit with you all so if you want to see her again please write to me extolling her virtues so I can reassure her.

Also I'm sorry we have been having a few technical problems with the site. Hopefully they are now sorted but it was a hardware problem at our hosts and totally out of my control.

26 April 2004

I thought I would try something a little different this week. Its up to you all whether I do more like it or not. I can either forget the idea and carry on as before, change totally to the new idea or have a mixture of the two. This weeks update is of 2 series showing Anna (always a firm (!!!) favourite) coming home from work in her suit and getting changed to go out to a party. I'm just a fly on the wall.... Let me know what you think

15 Dec

A traumatic week this end with a major computer problem. I had hoped everything was fixed but I have a continuing problem with one of the programmes I used for the web site which mainly affects the fonts. Bear with me if things look a little awry but I thought you would not want the photos delayed for the sake of a minor lettering problem. Can I ask you all to let me know if you find anything is seriously wrong and I'll try to sort it as soon as possible.

15 Nov In my mail this morning I received an e-mail supposedly from me "Demureladiesinfo" saying my account had expired. If you receive anything similar ignore it. I assume it contains a virus.

15 Nov

From this week, providing I get feedback to say you are using it, I shall be adding a Zip file of each series so that you can download the whole set in one go. It obviously takes up space so if its not used I shall stop doing it, so if you want it and find it handy let me know!!!

3 Nov

This weeks update of Wendy introduces a new face not only to Demure but to the world wide web. She has never before posed for anyone so you lucky guys are the first to catch glimpses of her underwear being displayed. If she appeals please, please let me know so that I can reassure her that her age is no barrier to her having fun entertaining us all.

Happy Birthday Ladies!!! It's now a year since that little devil started to help me show you all what these Ladies are hiding so I thought I ought to do an "Annual Report" Go here for it (and a little surprise!)

1 July

I am having major problems with password hackers on the site. They have managed to get hold of a number of passwords to gain access to the members area. I have installed software which blocks any password which is used from multiple locations. This does unfortunately mean that the innocent member will also be blocked. If it happens to you (when you enter your password instead of going to the members page you will be taken to the index page) please write to me with your user name, password and subscription number confirming the e-mail address you used to sign up and I will issue you with a new password etc.

I'm going on a weeks holiday at the end of this week so this coming update will be early and the following one a few days later than usual and I will not be able to respond to any e-mails until I return.

16 June

Can you help settle a bet for me? Becky and I had a somewhat lengthy discussion as to whether you would like the dress she is wearing. I wont say who thought what but I would be very grateful if you could let me know if you like it or not. I'll mail you back a reward!

13 June

For those of you who like my style of photography - I think there's one or two of you out there - you might like to have a look at a new site I'm helping with

19 April

At last!! I've finally finished reloading everything. If you do find any missing links please do e-mail me but as far as I am aware all photo sets and videos are now as they should be.

17 April Progress report

I'm pleased to say that as far as I am aware ALL photosets are now back on line. If you do find any links which do not work please do e-mail me. I will get the mpegs loaded as soon as possible, hopefully by tomorrow night (Friday).

On a more positive note I had a super video day with Melissa. Thanks to those of you who wrote, I think the tape will fit most of your requirements, long blue pleated skirt, smart blouse, slip and a lot of talk! I'll obviously post a note as soon as its available.

14 April (Later the same day)

Its taking a bit longer than I expected to get everything loaded but Page 2 of the members photosets should now be fully functional and I'm still working my way through Page 1. The video clips will be the last to get loaded. I think the first members one of Becky and the first of Inka are there but the others are still to follow. Bear with me! The problem was that when our hosting company transferred the files to the new server they managed to corrupt over half of them!

14 April

Hopefully everything is now getting back to normal. I have e-mail functioning again, the ability to join via CCBill is now working and I'm reposting all the sets that got corrupted. That's a fairly long process so if you come across a set that's not there check back in a while. I would expect everything to be uploaded by Wednesday morning (GMT). God what a nightmare, especially when I haven't the faintest idea what I'm doing!!! All I can say is that I am looking forward to Wednesday when this should be complete and I'm doing a long video with Melissa. If anyone reads this before then and has any special clothes or poses you would like me to include in the video mail me.

Also I was going to post the first of a series of mpegs of Sandy this week but in view of the problems I've had that has been put back but as soon as I can be sure all problems have been resolved I'll post it.

13 April

I'm sorry that there appears to be a continuing problem with some of the sets of pictures due to the change of servers. I hope this will be corrected shortly please bear with me.

12 April

There may be a temporary problem with e-mailing. We have moved to a faster server and there is possibly a hiccup!! Bear with me if you don't get any reply. This weeks update should be up as usual tomorrow night (Sunday)

31 March

On my last visit to Sandy's that little devil was in overdrive. You have probably seen from the photos that Sandy felt compelled to remove her knickers, well, although she kept herself covered in those photos she just couldn't stop the little devil getting her to remove her hand and reveal all to me. I was unsure as to what to do (well I'm not that sort of guy!!!!!) but I just had to keep looking and breathing very slowly and deeply to avoid a heart attack. The images are not for posting on the site, not in the ethos of the site at all, but I am sure there might be one or two of you who would want to see all of Sandy's charms on display. If you do drop me a line and I'll tell you what's available.

17 March

Time fly's when you are enjoying yourself! I cant believe I haven't put a comment on here for 6 weeks. Anyway from the feedback I am getting you seem to generally like what's going on the site. I know a lot of you would like to see more seamed and FF, RHT stockings and appropriate underwear and I am working on that angle but don't want to upset the basic idea of the site which is (in case you hadn't realised!) seeing the girl/lady next door in as natural a way as possible. Having said that I know I'm stretching a point by having young ladies wearing slips (when did you last see one in real life?) but they are a weakness of mine so I'm indulging myself and I've not had any complaints yet about their appearance!

I am trying to alternate the young ladies with the mature to satisfy both favourites but I don't always have a photo set available. That's not quite true in that I have a number of sets I have done over the last few months but sometimes they do not work well and so rather than post anything I keep them off the site. This does mean on occasions that a particular lady may appear quite often in a short space of time but generally I am trying to space reappearances out so that if it so happens that a particular lady does not appeal you are not faced with weeks on end of her. (I hope no ones tired of Melissa after her appearances but I just could not resist getting the wedding dress set up as soon as possible. I hope you all like it as much as I do Please let me know.)


30 January

I've added 3 clips of Countess Inka on the video page. There are 12 in the series altogether. Each set of 3 will be replaced by the next instalment so don't delay in downloading them!. Do you want them added weekly for the next month or would you get bored with that and prefer to mix the mid week updates with something else? Also are the files too big? Do you want them broken down further? Personally I like them this sort of size so you get more than a few seconds to watch but I'm happy to make them smaller if you wish. If you feel you cant wait I could supply the whole thing on a CD (higher resolution) or VHS tape, . It runs to about 10 minutes in total. E-mail me your thoughts. On the subject of videos I am putting together the first tape which will have Rebecca and a girl you have not yet seen, Angela, in separate shoots on it. Depending on how time goes it may also include Sara or I might save that for the next one. Watch this space!!

27 January 2003

I have had a number of members asking me to increase the updates to twice a week. Nice to know you cant get enough!!! What I will try and do is to continue with the normal weekly update but add a mpeg or something slightly different (don't worry it will be on the same theme just a different approach) in the middle of the week.

8 December

Keep your fingers crossed but I hope to have a couple of mpeg clips up by next week of Rebecca. One in the free area and a couple more for members.

Also I better mention that I intend to keep this site a Christmas free zone!!!!!!! No ladies in Santa outfits here!!!!

17 November

Would you like me to add either a message board or chat room? If there is enough interest I'm happy to do it. E-mail me your thoughts

29 October

This set with Sarah is really special. This is the FIRST time she has ever had her photos taken for any sort of shoot. She found it really fun to do but is so worried that you guys wont find her sexy. Please if you do and want to see more of her then e-mail her direct with your comments here

14 October

Hi Everybody,

I thought it might be an idea to just have a section to let you know what I'm up to and any points I want to highlight.

It wont be updated regularly, just when I have something I want to say.

Please do let me have feed back on anything about the site.

I've changed the layout of the thumbnails and pictures this week for Kylie Tidies Up. Personally I think the definition is now better for both the thumbnails and the main photos but it means you now can't scroll through the set but have to return to the thumbnails each time. Let me know which you prefer and I'll make sure they are all consistent

I'm thinking of offering a pose to order service. Any lady on the site and any scenario (of the type shown). You will get a CD with over 100 photos all 4x the size of those shown on the site and, not being transmitted, they will be crystal sharp. Any interest likely?

What's your preference with regard to the ages of the ladies, do you like them young like Kylie and Christine or more mature like Jules and Anna?

Also I hope to start adding some Mpegs soon but I cant promise when yet. Keep watching!