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So my plans for the new showroom hit a snag and I had to organise an urgent meeting with a barrister (lawyer) to sort it out. hell These guys charge an arm and a leg per minute and I decided to make sure that I was not going to have to hang around. The meeting was called at the barristers home one evening and it wasn't till I arrived that I realised that it was a woman, and what a woman!! I'd asked for someone with experience (in the legal field guys - in the legal field!!!) and she obviously had a wealth of that. She was not in the first flush of youth, and I did later find out how old she was, but there was a glamour about her that age had not diminished. She was wearing a pin stripe business suit, without a blouse and as I was about to discover, red underwear with a white slip and stockings! We had to wait from some others to arrive and she took me into the kitchen and sat at the table reading a paper. As I assumed this was not chargeable time I really enjoyed it soaking in the view up her skirt and watching with baited breath when she hoisted her skirt to re adjust a suspender. When the inevitable happened and she saw my drooling tongue hanging out of my mouth I was completely taken aback when she grabbed the kitchen roll holder and tried to thump me round the head with it! I was quicker than when Miss Makenzie hit me but decided that lying on the floor would have two advantages. First hopefully she would think I was hurt and not hit me any more and second I could look up her skirt! She told me to get up and behave myself and reinforced this with a warning that her dog could be very protective!!!! However I trusted that her little devil would force his way to the surface and I might get to have a display and so it proved! (Please if you like this set have a look at Seymour's Scribbles)

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Life is full of surprises and I was dutifully surprised when I arrived round at Wendy's house to drop off some papers to find Sara was there and they were just about to have an afternoon cup of tea. Now I'm never one to pass up the chance to see two ladies underwear at the same time and I was not about to be disappointed! God knows what they had put in the tea but quite apart from being oblivious to my presence the conversation quickly got on to the subject of women's underwear and  they started talking, bras, knickers, slips and stockings and showing each other their own! Now it was approaching Christmas and I guess Santa had read my letter and decided to deliver my present early but I really couldn't resist this feast for my eyes. They were obviously in the festive spirit as well because when the inevitable happened they whispered to each other and a glint appeared in their eyes - (especially Sara's!!!!) and they delivered me a real stocking full of gifts!!

Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for your support!



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