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Jessica Goes to a Wedding
Jessica was done up to the nines to go to this wedding party of a friend. I couldn't wait to see if I would get a glimpse of what she was hiding underneath. It was a gorgeous day and Jessica was more than happy to be in the garden sipping from a wine glass. I kept my eye on her and soon noticed that a button on her blouse had come undone and was giving me a gorgeous view of her lacy white bra. Hell, she spotted me, gave me a withering glance and did the button up but it stirred up that little devil and she was soon being very careless about keeping her legs together as she sat on the sun lounger. Oh those tan stocking tops caused a great stirring in me and when her legs really opened and I saw those gorgeous white knickers my knees really trembled. Jessica then decided to go indoors and I followed hoping for yet more views. The stairs were the only place she could find to sit down and the move from the hot sun had made her go all prim and proper again but I soon caught a glimpse of her stocking top hiding under her skirt and the look on my face obviously gave Jessica the urge to tease me further. By the time she had parted her legs wide and I had drooled over her knickers and suspenders she decided I needed a further bit of fresh air so she hauled me outside and gave me a full display by raising her skirt slowly and teasingly up to her waist. I'm really not sure if I should have told her that the low evening sun meant I could see right through her skirt! She really should have been wearing a slip!
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Jessica's Wait
 I had to meet Jessica at her house with a colleague for a business meeting. I was a bit early and Jessica came down to meet me in the hall. great she was in her business suit which always make me eager to know what she's got on underneath and as she checked the contents of her handbag i spotted that at least she was wearing stockings as i could clearly see her white thighs above the stocking tops. we went into the lounge to wait for our colleague and after looking out to see if he was coming and giving me a great view of thigh Jessica sat in an armchair and started to read a magazine. I kept my eyes firmly glued on her legs and as she moved around I had some great clear views right up her skirt to her lacy black knickers. I was having great trouble keeping myself quiet looking at this show when i noticed that a button on her blouse had come undone and through the gapping hole I could see a very attractive black lace bra. Hell, she spotted me looking, gave me a withering look and buttoned herself up. But then that little devil took a hold and she looked me straight in the eye and parted her legs so I could see all there was to see of her black bra and matching thong.

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Prim Miss Jessica


I had problems with my PC and Jessica, bless her, offered to sort it out for me. I went round and found her in a very prim mood with a dress to match. She cleared a coffee table, set up my laptop and sat down in the low armchair but made sure she pulled her skirt well down to her knees. Mmm I thought not much chance of seeing much today, the mood she's in, but I was wrong. As the chair was so low I had a really good angle to look down her legs to see her knickers but there was nothing on view. She had her legs tight together and it looked as though the skirt had a lining, or possibly (hope, hope) she was wearing a slip. Anyway she soon became engrossed in the task and her legs parted that little bit and the skirt rode up her legs a fraction, just enough to confirm she was wearing a slip as the lacy hem of the shiny black garment peaked out from under her skirt. By now her legs were drifting further apart but then she crossed them and pulled the skirt back down. Engrossed in what she was doing she started fiddling with a button at the top of her dress and before I knew it her bra and the top of her slip were on total display. I think I probably choked at the sight because she looked up, gave me that familiar withering stare but then lost the battle with the little devil and started to let me see all. Oh, those knickers hid nothing and what I saw came as a real shock considering how prim and proper Jessica is on the surface. (you'll just have to look carefully at the photo's to see what I'm referring to!!!

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Jessica in the Kitchen


I called round to see Jessica the other day and found her in the kitchen sitting at her kitchen table reading a magazine. it was a Saturday so she was not dressed for work but had a rather short skirt on which, with her legs crossed gave me ample scope t quickly see that she was wearing stockings and I was excited to see she had not buttoned up her blouse properly and there was this glimmer of a sighting of a pale pink bra. she really was being very careless today, sitting with a leg on either side of the tables leg and so she couldn't put her legs together when I bent down to pick up a paper from the floor and had a hard stare under the table to confirm that her knickers were also that delightful shade of pale pink. She then got up from the table and my mouth dropped open as she hiked her skirt up to adjust her stocking tops, seeming to have forgotten that I was there. She then proceeded to get some items out of the cupboards and to my rising excitement she needed to climb on a chair to get to the top shelves. I took full advantage of this and practically stuck my head up her skirt to get a full uninterrupted view of her delicious knickers. Mmmm!! As she reached out for the shelves the gap in her blouse where it was unbuttoned widened and I had a large area of pale pink bra to admire. She looked over her shoulder at this point and caught the look on my face and I guess it was obvious I was enjoying the view. She climbed down from the chair and by the time she had done so that little devil had the upper hand and she just sat on the chair and proceeded to allow me to have a long slow detailed look at all her underwear.


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Jessica has a rest
Its ages since I had the good fortune to bump into Jessica and I was more than happy when I popped round to Melissa's the other day to find Jessica waiting for her. Melissa had had to pop out but had left Jess with a cup of coffee and a magazine till she returned. I hoped that would be quite a while (not that I didn't want to see Melissa but I didn't want the views of Jessica's underwear I was getting to stop. Sitting on the sofa with her straight knee length skirt letting her slip hem show beneath it was a great start and although I failed to get a good view down her cleavage this was more than made up for when she stood and bent over the arm of the sofa to get a fresh magazine and I dived to my customary position on the floor to grab a view up her skirt. She then swung her legs up onto the sofa and I enjoyed the display of stocking tops under her raised legs. Then she stood up and turning her back on me started to adjust her suspender. I couldn't miss that view so edged round the room a bit to see if I could watch. I did manage it but she realised and got quite huffy!!!! However her little devil was very much alive and kicking and soon had her showing me a lot more


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Jessica Returns


When I heard that Jessica was coming back to town for a visit I was first to volunteer to pick her up from the station. Having got her home I carried her bags indoors and she followed. I think she must have thought that I had left because what followed as I peeped out of the kitchen door was a dream. As she came in her mobile phone started to ring and she squatted down to get it out of her bag giving me the chance to see that there were stocking tops under her long skirt. She went and sat on the stairs to talk to her caller and I was treated to just about the most sensuous view up that long dark grey skirt I could have wished for. Her slip, her stocking tops and her knickers all sublimely revealed to my eager eyes! After the call she started to go upstairs and I got a quick look up her skirt before she realised she was still wearing her coat and returned to the hall to remove it. In doing so I got a brief glance at her bra through her unbuttoned shirt and then she adjusted her bra strap and hoisted her skirt up to adjust her slip, and oh and what a slip!!!!!!! Then (oh, could things get any better?) she adjusted her suspenders. This was the point when she suddenly realised that I was still around and quickly covered herself up. What followed? How did she react to this voyeur? Well, all I can say is that things were thrown at me! What things you will have to wait till next week to see!


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Jessica Returns 2
For those of you who have been concerned about what may have been thrown at me and whether I was going to need hospitalisation, let me say thank you for your concern, but by now you should know that my mate - that little devil lurking inside these ladies - can usually be relied upon to come to my rescue and with Jessica he did not let me down. In fact he did me proud!! Very quickly her scowl turned to a twinkle in her eyes and oh what a twinkle, and oh what eyes!!!!! A quick flash of bra as she pulled her blouse apart slightly was followed by her disappearing up the stairs with a little wag of her finger that I should watch closely. And watch closely I did as she sat on the stairs and lifted her skirt and parted her legs and made me start to drool like an old man. How could any man, young or old, contain himself when presented with the view that Jessica presented me with? She continued by unbuttoning he blouse so I could see her lacy bra with ease and then walking to the top of the stairs she turned and looked down on me with this enigmatic smile and slowly, oh so slowly, started to remove her knickers. Oh what a tease she is! there they were in her hand and then there they were flying through the air at me! She then removed her blouse and her bra and I was soon enjoying the feel of that garment too!!


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