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Natasha watches TV
Natasha is normally a rather reserved young lady. I was sitting in her lounge with her the other day and she was so demure the way she sat on the sofa watching TV it was really turning me on. I just couldn't resist trying to peek up her skirt to see what her knickers looked like or down her top to see her cleavage. She spotted me and you can see from the expression on her face in a few of the photos that she was none too pleased, but quite suddenly that little devil came out and she let her knees part quite wide. Hell, I nearly fainted! Those knickers, white and lacy and thin enough for me to be able to tell that she didn't shave!!!! My staring straight up her skirt was obviously making her hot and she started to climb on to the back of the sofa so she could give me an even better view but in doing so she gave me a real bonus of seeing down her dress. Her bra cups weren't lacy but I'm not complaining as I had the most delicious glimpse of her nipples as her dress fell away. Once on the back of the sofa the leg show she gave me was out of this world and obviously had an effect on her too as she decided to go downstairs (her lounge is on the top floor) for a glass of water. She knew full well what I was doing and the devil in her decided to pay me back so when she got to the top of the stairs she sent me down and stood at the top letting me look straight up her skirt and then she sat on the top step and displayed her knickers by opening her legs wide. Its a very steep staircase and she needed to go down backwards, so, not being a gentleman(!!!) I went up to the top and stood and watched her return up the steps and admired the view of her perfect tits nestling in her bra cups with more than a hint of her nipples on display. Natasha obviously decided then that I was getting far to excited but decided on one last show and made me(!!) watch her lift her skirt up to her waist to display again at close quarters those lovely skimpy knickers and lacy topped hold up stockings. She didn't stop there though and pulled her dress right up over her bra and I discovered there was lace on it but under the cups!!

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Natasha in Evening Dress
Amazing but true, I went round to pick Natasha up for a very smart diner party and although I was early she was already dressed and ready to go. No point in leaving that early she got herself a glass of something and plonked herself on the settee to while away the time. As usual the TV was on and she became engrossed in the program and ignored me as my eyes wandered over her slinky black dress and elbow length gloves letting my imagination run riot as to what she may (or may not) have on underneath. She crossed her legs most demurely and there was no way I could see anything under her skirt although I had a delicious view of her legs. She then clasped her hands around her knees and rocked back slightly on the sofa. That's more like it I thought as she pulled her top leg slightly off the other giving me a long glimpse of nylon clad thigh and then as her knee rose a bit more her stocking top hove into view. My stare was so hard that it got through Natasha's sub conscious and she looked at me as if to wonder what stone I had crawled out from under. I didn't care her knee was now so high I could see the lacy black tops of her stockings so clearly. She uncrossed her legs but by now I think that devil was in control because she didn't keep them together and I had a view disappearing up into the nether regions of her dress. She then briefly re-crossed her legs resting an ankle on a knee so you can imagine what the view was like!!!!!! Then without a glance at me she uncrossed them and left them wide (and I mean wide!) apart showing in full her black sheer thong. After that my minds a bit of a blur but in my dreams I can still see her holding up that dress so I could closely inspect her long nylon clad legs and delectable underwear.


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Natasha and the Bank Manager
Natasha asked me be with her when she was meeting her bank manager at home and asking for a loan for an extension to her house. I thought she was overdressed for the occasion but apparently she was going on to a function. What she didn't tell me was that her bank manager was a gorgeous young blonde! Hell, I must be getting old, she looked far too young to be in that position. Not that I was complaining you understand, I was more than happy to watch the two of them discussing finance especially as I very soon realised that they were BOTH wearing slips! Oh Joy. After standing and chatting for a while they both sat on a low sofa giving me ample opportunity of looking up their skirts. They were obviously getting on very well together and the bank manager's skirt was riding up her thighs and soon revealed that, as well as the very feminine lacy slip, she was wearing stockings with lacy tops. The next few minutes were a blur as both ladies skirts rode further up their legs. What I didn't realise was that that little devil had whispered in their ears and they had realised the attention I was giving their underwear. Without warning Natasha looked at me and with a broad grin on her face gave me a very rude sign! That's it I thought I am going to get an earful but instead I got more than a eyeful as both ladies commenced giving me the most fantastic show of their underwear, including examining each others slips and knickers and it culminated in them getting off the sofa ordering me to the floor and one after the other walking across the floor and letting me stare up their skirts for what seemed eternity. Heaven.


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Natasha tries a Book
After the house warming party with Nikki etc I stayed on to help clear up the mess. By the time this was done Natasha decided she deserved a sit down and a quiet time to have a read and relax. It wasn't exactly hot but she took her book and drink out into the garden and I followed hoping for a glimpse at least of some feminine underwear. She was being particularly prim today and although she crossed her legs it was difficult to see anything and it took a while to even spot that she was wearing a lacy black slip. The view down her blouse was a bit restricted as well. All I could tell was that he was wearing something black there too. Just as I was beginning to despair of seeing anything worthwhile she decided to adjust the buckle on her shoe and lifted her foot rewarding me with sight of her stocking tops and black suspenders. Ahh, that's better! It was just after this that she spotted me and covered up with her usual growl at me. Come on, little devil I thought, I know its cold but surely you can convince her to show something. Well, yes he could because she soon started unbuttoning her blouse so I could see what was hiding those gorgeous breasts of hers, but then the phone went in the house and she disappeared. Don't know who she talked to but when she came back she gave me the most erotic looks whilst she smoked a cigarette, not only showing me her naked boobs but playing with her knickers and really taunting me.


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Coffee for Two  
Round at Natasha's the other day I coincided with a visit from Nikki, her bank manager calling to see how the remaining renovation work on the cottage was going. God what a beautiful combination. There was Natasha in a calf length full skirt with (I quickly discovered) a white satin lacy slip underneath and Nikki in a mid thigh mini skirt with stocking tops peeking out from its hem. I grovelled around on the kitchen floor on some pretext or another and peeked up both skirts. Couldn't see If Natasha had stockings on but it didn't take a lot of effort to see the lacy tops of Nikki's stockings or the suspenders that were holding them up and when she dropped the tea towel she was drying the cups with she was most unladylike and let her knees part to reveal her white knickers. After drying the cups and making the coffee they adjourned to the dining room to drink it and sitting at the table with legs crossed gave me ample opportunity of studying legs, knickers and stocking tops. When Natasha stood up and leaned across the table to pick up a note her blouse fell away and a delicious view of her bra started to make me feel very, er, mmm, well, excited!! It was while I was staring over Nikki's shoulder at Natasha's white lacy bra that she spotted me and gave me a most unladylike upright finger. She swore and said to Nikki what a dirty old man she thought I was and the look on Nikki's face confirmed that she agreed. Somehow though I knew that my little old friend would soon fight his way to the surface and sure enough soon both lady's were opening their legs and letting me admire their underwear and much more (but that will have to wait for the next update)



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Coffee for Two (2)
So where did I leave this delectable pair? Nikki was just starting to take a close look at Natasha's underwear I believe, especially her satin slip. She pushed her hand up under the slip and I can only guess at what her fingers were doing but Natasha's expression said it all!! The two wanton women let their hands run over each others bodies and teased me unmercifully. How far they would have gone if I hadn't been there I do not know but the show that they delighted me with was one I shall remember for a long long time!


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