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Following last weeks encounter with the Planning Committee member I felt confident I would get my permission so thought I ought to organise the funds. Melissa said that she could introduce me to a mortgage advisor and made an appointment for me round at her house. My hopes were high that as it was a contact of Melissa's it would be someone at least vaguely attractive but when Alison came into the room I was bowled over. Very tall, slim and..... well, you just look! She came in, sorted herself out and then leant across the arm of the sofa to pick up her lap top. Chance number one and I took it. Yes, a quick look up her skirt confirmed she was wearing a white slip and white stockings! She sat on the edge of the sofa while she asked me questions about the project and entered the answers onto her PC. I suppose my answers made sense but my mind was elsewhere due to the fact that her skirt had fallen away from her legs as had her slip and I had a delightful view of the 6 inch lacy hem not to mention her knickers nestling at the top of her legs. After inputting the information she swung her legs up on to the sofa and said that it might take a while to calculate what I could borrow. I was in absolutely no rush. Her knees were raised to support the laptop and my eyes were transfixed by the view right up her legs to her very sheer knickers. Whilst she was idly fiddling with a blouse button that managed to come undone she dropped her pencil and had to feel under the sofa to retrieve it (which of course meant that she had to crouch down oh Myyyyy... getting back on the sofa her skirt rucked up almost to her waist and  then she saw my glazed expression. What followed was sublime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Alison borrows another kitchen
I am beginning to wonder if Alison has a kitchen of her own as it seems every time I walk into one she is there helping herself to a cup of something. Not that I mind mark you. She is always worth seeing and so is her underwear!! She was at the sink when I walked in and I took a chance and dropped to the floor for a quick look up her skirt to establish that she as wearing a black lacy slip with stockings. As she turned round to settle herself on the kitchen stool her hands went up her skirt to pull down the hem of her slip and she sat for a while drinking coffee and idly fiddling with her blouse button. Things got really interesting though when she tried to undo a button on her skirt and couldn't so she resorted to lifting the skirt up so she could use her teeth on it! My oh my what a view of the delicious slip that gave me. After finishing the coffee squatting down to find the washing up liquid in a cupboard gave me an ideal view up her skirt and down her blouse and as she stood up I again dropped to the floor for another longer look up her skirt. Trying to view more cleavage was my undoing and she saw my obvious stare and threatened to throw a cup at me! This didn't happen and the little devil was soon making her reveal more of her delicious underwear and even convincing her to remove her knickers and throw them at me!! Mmm I did enjoy that but then things got better as she ordered me to lie on the floor whilst she stood over me.......(I've had to censor what would have been photo number 67a - if anyone wants it drop me a line!)


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Alison consults another
Back at the alternative health clinic again! Don't think I'm always sick, its just that every time I go there I seem to strike lucky with some terrific underwear sightings so although a consultation costs a bit I reckon the benefits are worth while! Anyway this time it was Alison that was sitting on the couch reading a magazine and between her slightly parted knees I immediately saw that she was wearing a white lacy slip and also that her blouse had a button undone. Her fingers found their way in through the gap and she adjusted her bra strap. To my delight! There followed a period of crossing and uncrossing legs but it wasn't until she got up to get another magazine that I really saw what I wanted to see! She leaned over the magazine rack and I looked straight down her blouse to he lacy bra top. I then tried to look up her skirt but she wasn't leaning forward for long but then she squatted down and I could drool at the view right up her legs to her knickers on clear view. Getting back on the settee she seemed to throw caution to the wind and put her feet up on the sofa enabling me to continue viewing her private underwear. Inevitably she saw me, swore, stood up and hit me with the rolled up magazine, which I pretended knocked me to the floor, thinking she would take pity on me. Well she did, but not until after she had stamped on me in a very vulnerable place!!!!! Still, what followed made up for it after my little devil friend got the upper hand!

PS The video of Alison on Tape 3 is the moving version of this set - see here for details

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